9 Things You Must Do To Maximize Your Chances Of Obtaining A Small Business Loan

Written by Neil Best

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6. 3 Years financial statements. You will need to present quality financial information from your accounting software, preferably signed off by your accountant or tax advisor.

7. Latest Set of Management accounts. Again produced from your accounting software.

8. Accounts receivables (debtors) and payables (creditors) ageing reports.

9. Principals financial statements. – Particularly required if some form of security is necessary.

If you are a new company,repparttar emphasis is going to be on your business plan , andrepparttar 149964 security (also called collateral) you or your business can provide againstrepparttar 149965 loan.

You must takerepparttar 149966 time to practice presenting your case torepparttar 149967 bank or lender to iron out any glitches. Practice on your colleagues and family (you never know, they might be so impressed, they'll invest or lend!). It may help to role playrepparttar 149968 lender and come up with as many pointy questions as possible. The more time you takerepparttar 149969 better your chances will be. (But remember, don’t fall intorepparttar 149970 analysis paralysis trap!)

Good luck!

This article was written by Neil Best, an accountant with over 15 years experience in business finance. The article and other useful business finance information including sample business plans and how to approach potential investors can be found at Small Business Finance Tips

Cut Your Taxes And Receive a $5000+ Refund - Start A Home Based Business

Written by Theresa Johnson

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Coastal Vacations – www.closethesale.netfirms.com AmeriPlan USA – http://www.deliveringonthepromise.com/tjj33 List of Home Businesses - www.homebusiness.com The next step is to Develop a Business Name. The name you choose for your business will depend on what type of business you would like to open. Pick a name that describes your business and tells something about who you are. Your local government office can help you get your name registered inrepparttar state you reside. Note: this step is not necessary if you decide to start a small home business. If you need additional help go here - www.sba.gov and www.familyhaven.com Now, once you have completedrepparttar 149935 first two steps you are ready to start promoting your business. This process can be a bit tedious, but inrepparttar 149936 end it is well worth it. Here are a list of sites that can help you promote your business via Search Engines, Directories, FFA Sites, Email Marketing and Classified Ads: www.google.com, www.addme.com, www.sendtronix.com/aff/999, www.adlandpro.com THIS STEP IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!!!! KEEP RECORDS OF ALL FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS RELATED TO YOUR HOME BASED BUSINESS. There are literally thousands of deductions you can take as a home based business. These deductions alone can add up to a substantial refund atrepparttar 149937 end of each tax year. Accurate record keeping is essential. Every transaction you make in relation to your business could result in a large tax refund atrepparttar 149938 end ofrepparttar 149939 year. Keep record of everything…advertising expenses, monthly membership expenses, travel expenses, electricity, heat, rent/mortgage expense, water, telephone, equipment purchased, repair and maintenance, etc. There are a number of applications available that can help you keep record (Quicken, Microsoft Money). Make sure you have this information available for your accountant or tax preparer each year. This will simplifyrepparttar 149940 process.

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