9 Steps to Successfully Switching to a New Web Hosting Company

Written by Mary Hedden

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5. Test to make sure that your site looks good and functions properly on your new server. Most web hosting companies can provide a link to preview your site beforerepparttar domain name has been transferred over.

6. Once you are satisfied that your site looks and functions OK, you can go to your registrar and changerepparttar 134331 DNS settings to pointrepparttar 134332 domain torepparttar 134333 new web hostís nameservers. You should be provided this information after signing up for your account.

7. You will see your site onrepparttar 134334 new server 24-48 hours after you modifyrepparttar 134335 DNS settings. Your e-mail will also start going to your new account at this time.

8. Modify your e-mail client with your new POP3 and SMTP e-mail settings.

9. Verify that your new website is working OK. Make sure that all ofrepparttar 134336 files were loaded properly and that all scripts are running fine.

You have now successfully switched to a new cheap web hosting company!

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Hosting your e-business for free? Smart thinking Johnny...

Written by David A. Saharkhiz

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Another factor to consider isrepparttar clutter that many free web hosts force ontorepparttar 134330 pages of clients. Banner ads, pop up ads, required links, and flashing advertising messages will make your content much less accessible and will often make your website look horrible unprofessional.

Take advice from someone who's been done that road before:

If you care about your online business at all, get a quality web host, stop wasting your time with self-serving free web hosts and register a domain name.

If you get stuck, you can check out this handy Web Hosting Guide.

David Saharkhiz is a computer science major and National Merit Semifinalist at America's Clemson University. He provides comprehensive web-help and HTML coding tutorials, codes free HTML scripts, and works to help novice webmasters set up new websites.

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