9 Steps to Soapmaking Success

Written by Lisa Maliga

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Step 3: Forrepparttar double boiler method, putrepparttar 116362 soap inrepparttar 116363 top level and melt, stirring occasionally. Add a piece of color if using Color Nuggets, fromrepparttar 116364 prepackaged colors youíve bought. Powdered colors arenít highly recommended for glycerin soap, as theyíre more difficult to mix. Cosmetic grade liquid colors can be used. Step 4: Oncerepparttar 116365 color is melted itís time to addrepparttar 116366 fragrance. Use 1 teaspoon and let your nose be your guide. Underscenting will cause your soap to be less aromatic after a few months. Adding a little more scent is okay. Step 5: Pour your soap intorepparttar 116367 mold. For this recipe you need a 4.5-cup capacity mold. A rectangular shape is preferred. Step 6: You can let your soap harden at room temperature, or you can put it intorepparttar 116368 freezer for about 30-60 minutes. Freezingrepparttar 116369 soap speeds uprepparttar 116370 process and allowsrepparttar 116371 soap to pop out ofrepparttar 116372 mold easier. Step 7: Itís time to see your first successful chunk of handmade Melt and Pour glycerin soap. You can tell itís ready when:repparttar 116373 mold is cool and it easily pulls away fromrepparttar 116374 soap. Release it onto a wax paper-covered surface. Cover it with more wax paper and a paper towel. You should allow it to return to room temperature before using it. Itís advised to let it sit for 24 hours forrepparttar 116375 fragrance oil to settle. Step 8: Cuttingrepparttar 116376 soap can be done with a large knife. This recipe yields approximately 6 bars, depending onrepparttar 116377 thickness. Planerepparttar 116378 rough edges and traces of white filmy popped bubbles with a paring knife. These will be more noticeable on darker colored soap. Step 9: Wraprepparttar 116379 pieces with a cling wrap. The generic cling wrap is better. Pricier cling wraps donít allowrepparttar 116380 aroma to be smelled, as theyíre too thick.

Make a label for your soap if youíll be giving it to someone for a special occasion like Christmas, birthdays, a wedding or anniversary, a promotion, etc. You should listrepparttar 116381 ingredients.

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Chinchillas As Pets

Written by Valerie Garner

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and character she is.

Chins are more playful type pets, than a sit down

and lap type animal. I would recommend getting a

baby if you decide to get a chinchilla. They

usually run about $100. inrepparttar US for a pet, but

that price can vary a lot.

Another very nice quality about chins as pets,

is they have no claws or fingernails. They have

these little soft pads onrepparttar 116361 bottom of their feet,

so you don't get scratched. I wouldn't recommend

them with small children however, as young children

could easily hurt a chinchilla.

They have a life span of about 25-30 years.

They do need to live indoors, or climate type

controlled setting. Chins come in a variety of

colors butrepparttar 116362 standard grey color isrepparttar 116363 most

common, andrepparttar 116364 other, more rare colors will cost

more usually.

I found when I was trying to sellrepparttar 116365 babies, that

most people had no idea of what a chinchilla was,

or had even seen them. That made it a bit difficult

to find homes at times, although with such few babies,

it wasn't a problem. The people who did come to

purchaserepparttar 116366 babies had this 1 thing in common:

all of them had either owned a chinchilla previously,

or had a close friend who did and had been around them.

That really says something about this type of animal for

a pet. You can check out your local pet store for chins

possibly, orrepparttar 116367 internet.

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