Written by Judy Thompson

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5.Not overweight. Take a good digestive enzyme supplement. It will help you digest your food. Older people especially would benefit from this since they may have more problems with digestion. Also, raw fruits and vegetables are low in calories and aid digestion. Do not eat a lot of refined carbohydrates, such as sugar, white bread, white spaghetti, etc. Go sparingly on those high-calorie desserts. 6.Get adequate exercise. If you have an office job, you will have to work harder at this than someone who naturally exercises as part of his job. 7.Get adequate sleep at night, at least 7 or 8 hours for most people. Sleep inrepparttar dark, complete darkness if possible. 8.Detoxify. We are exposed to many toxins throughout our lives. Exhaust fumes, cleaning supplies, mercury (dental amalgams), lead, aluminum, parasites, etc. Fortunately, our bodies do get rid of most toxins. However, we don’t throw off all toxins, and overrepparttar 141146 years, toxins will build up. It is important to eliminate toxins since a build-up of them can contribute to a host of diseases. 9.Take good quality vitamin and mineral supplements. Generally, we don’t get everything we need from foods. High quality supplements can help in preventing illness and disease.

A real health nut or nutritionist may wish to add to or take away fromrepparttar 141147 above list. One thing about good health and nutrition…evenrepparttar 141148 best experts inrepparttar 141149 country will not agree on everything. Plus, when it comes to diet and exercise, “one shoe does not fit all.” Though I still work for a living, I am at an age where many people are retired and I believe that I have learned a few things about a healthy lifestyle. Some of those things have been shared with you in this article.

Wishing yourepparttar 141150 very best of health!

Judy Thompson is a former Health teacher and for many years has been a student of natural nutrition. Nutrition information and products may be found at her website. http://shopnutronix.com/333015895

Get Out And Play: Top 7 Outdoor Exercises

Written by Aaron Potts

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Variations including Standing Squats, One-Leg Squats, Plie Squats, Wide-Stance Squats, and Overhead Squats. Think you can't get enough stimulus out of Squats? Try doing 50 perfectly formed repetitions and see how tired your legs are!


Brutal isrepparttar best word to describe this exercise when done properly! Using nothing more than a picnic bench, a piece of playground equipment, or even just a decent size rock, you simply step up onto your elevated surface, step down, and then repeat onrepparttar 141114 other side alternating back and forth.

By keeping your back straight and your head uprepparttar 141115 entire time, you will maximize recruitment of all of your leg muscles, and you will get an incredible cardiovascular workout as well. Go for perfect form and you will quickly seerepparttar 141116 benefit of this great exercise.


The outdoor version of Chin Ups and Pull ups can be done using anything from a low-hanging tree branch to any number of different pieces of playground equipment.

When done properly, Chin Ups and Pull Ups will humble most people, even avid exercisers. Bring your body up completely until your chin is at or above your hands, and lower back torepparttar 141117 start under control. Repeat for as many as you can do!


Don't try this one until you can run a good 100-yard dash on level ground! This exercise is just what it sounds like - running uphill. Run up a decent size hill as fast as you can, walk back torepparttar 141118 bottom, and repeat. Bring oxygen, but leave your pride at home, or elserepparttar 141119 hill will take it from you!


This exercise is so simple, yet about as hard as it gets. Simply squat down until your thighs are at or below parallel torepparttar 141120 ground, stay in that position, and start walking. Go about 10 steps and then walk backwards to your starting point. Repeat as many times as necessary (which won't be many) to reach total exhaustion!

As you can see, doing outdoor exercises has all ofrepparttar 141121 benefits listed above including one benefit that wasn't listed - they are hard! If you are up torepparttar 141122 challenge and sick ofrepparttar 141123 gym, give your body and your mind an Earth-moment and get outside and play!

Aaron Potts is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Success Coach whose customers include consumers as well as other fitness professionals. Sign up for his free Fitness Journal at http://www.fitnessdestinations.com or visit his coaching site at http://www.ptsuccesscoach.com

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