98 Percent of Dieters Fail: A Sensible Lifestyle is the Answer

Written by Josie Anderson

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Fueling Your Body Means Eat

Yes you can eat food and lose weight. Healthy choices and knowing how many calories that your body requires to perform at optimal efficiency will keep cravings for junk food away. The brain alone requires 380 calories per day forrepparttar average 150 pound man just to be able to lay in bed all day,repparttar 151012 liver requires over 500 calories per day. You have many other organs that also require a certain amount of calories each day. To determine how many calories you need per day just for your resting metabolic rate takerepparttar 151013 amount you weigh in pounds and multiply that by 10. So if you weigh 160 pounds that is 1600 calories required for your body just to perform basic functions like pump blood. Just to be sedentary you need to add 25% of 1600 to your daily requirements, so that would make it 2000 calories per day just to sit and watch tv, get up and walk torepparttar 151014 bathroom and do other basic things without doing anything that would require work The more activity you dorepparttar 151015 more calories your body requires. The key is not to give your body these calories inrepparttar 151016 form of candy bars, potato chip, soda etc. Feeding your body with foods that are lower than 30% in fat will amaze you how much food can make up 2000 calories.

Eating more often:

Instead of eating just breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Haverepparttar 151017 basic 3 meals per day with a healthy snack between them. This will prevent mid-morning and mid-afternoon raids onrepparttar 151018 junk food machine and help keep your energy up.

For more in depth information on a Sports Nutrition Lifestylerepparttar 151019 following books can provide a wealth of information:

Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook Avery's Sports Nutrition Almanac Power Eating by Susan M. Kleiner

Any of these books will give yourepparttar 151020 information you need to stop supportingrepparttar 151021 diet industry and shelling over your money once again for a likelihood of 98% chance of failure. Enjoy food and donít let anybody make you afraid of it, food is there for our bodies, itís justrepparttar 151022 junk food that is bad and there are plenty of healthy alternatives out there that will satisfy any craving.

Josie Anderson is a personal trainer and is the owner of Weight Loss Program 101 providing weight loss resources to help with many weight loss goals and newsletter to keep you up to date on the latest in the health and fitness industry.

Smarter Eating

Written by Joe Maresca

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2. Eat a big breakfast. Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism. When you skip breakfast, you runrepparttar risk of over eating later inrepparttar 150969 day.

3. Try not to eat 4 hours before bed time. Going to sleep on an empty stomach will prevent your body from storing extra calories and when you wake up you'll be so hungry, you won't want to miss breakfast.

Follow these 3 simple steps and you can easily cut back on calories and boost you metabolism with out removingrepparttar 150970 foods you enjoy. Eating smarter will promote long term weight and fat loss and keep your goals in site. Remember, eating for weight loss is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

Joe Maresca Senior Health & Fitness Advisor

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Joe has over 15 years of health & fitness experience. He has helped numerous individuals meet their fitness goals.

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