8 ways to promote new content on your website

Written by Steve Nash

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Pay-per-click search engines are proving to be an excellent way to get extra traffic. Especially when you consider that results from GoTo,repparttar main pay-per-click, feed into highly-placed sponsored links on many ofrepparttar 125173 major search engines. ===== Big Side Bar =====

To learn much, much more about pay-per-click search engines visit this excellent site: http://www.PayPerClickSearchEngines.com/


Search engines are notrepparttar 125174 only way to promote your site. There are webmaster resource sites, freebie sites, and even Britney Spears fanclub sites, all of which depend on new content! You name it, there's a site resource dedicated to it!

So use your favorite search engine to discover these resources, and check out their linking policy. Then, if possible, get a link! (You may even want to visit some ofrepparttar 125175 links onrepparttar 125176 resource site, and get links from those sites too!)

With some persistence, this should bring you a lot of well-targeted traffic. (Free Sites, for example, get most of their traffic from one such resource: The Free Site - http://www.thefreesite.com )


Writing an article (like this one) is a great way to promote your new content. There are so many sites willing to accept articles, and so many editors willing to publish them in their newsletters. Just write about your new content (but not about your site), making it interesting and informative to a general audience. Then, inrepparttar 125177 author-byline, refer to your new content, and provide a link to it.

For example, I found a great site, Find Sticky, just from reading an interesting article about sticky content, written byrepparttar 125178 site's webmaster. I enjoyedrepparttar 125179 article and checkedrepparttar 125180 author bylines to see who wrote it, then visited his site - http://www.findsticky.com

===== Side Bar ===== Don't know how to write an article? Just write about what you actually do, andrepparttar 125181 sites that you visit. Then read a few good articles on 'how to write an article', and compose away! It *isn't* difficult, and it can be very rewarding (not least because ofrepparttar 125182 contacts you make with those that actually publish your articles!) ===== Side Bar =====

The following sites accept free articles for publication: http://www.ezinearticles.com http://www.ideamarketers.com http://www.marketing-seek.com http://www.certificate.net http://www.web-source.net http://www.theukmarketer.com http://www.MakingProfit.com/articles


Viral marketing is that elusive creature that can literally, *literally* create a STAMPEDE of traffic to your site; just onrepparttar 125183 continued recommendation of others. Think Am-I-Hot-or-Not? or Hotmail or Hampsterdance or ICQ or Napster...!

So how do you go achieve viral marketing?

Simple! Come up with a completely original, innovative, easy-to- use, easy-to-talk-about Wow!-of-a website... OR

Try one of these more common easier-to-achieve approaches: - allow visitors to create virtual greeting cards on your site - create free ebooks that include content (or articles) from your site, and then heavily promoterepparttar 125184 free ebooks - put free e-mail on your site - put 'recommend-this-site' links on your site - etcetera

Back torepparttar 125185 article from Find Sticky. I actually found that article in a newsfeed from Moreover! It seems that if you write articles on a weekly basis, then it's possible to get your articles syndicated via Moreover. So, with no effort from you (apart from writing regular articles) you can get a link to your site (and your article) on hundreds, even thousands of other websites! http://w.moreover.com/site/publishers/index.html

As for Moreover -repparttar 125186 newsfeed company - a link to their site goes on *all* syndicated content. Clever, eh!?

~ ~ ~ Viral marketing brings more traffic to your site than any other method! But it's a lot easier talking about it than doing it!


Writing a press release is a good idea, but only if your site redesign *is* newsworthy - and only you know that! - your release will be pretty much ignored, otherwise. If you insist on writing a release, why not submit it to PRWeb (http://www.prweb.com). They checkrepparttar 125187 releases before submitting them to interested parties. They'll reject your release if it isn't properly written (or newsworthy). They do all of this for free, too!


You've worked so hard on developing your website further, with new content or a site redesign. And now you need to work just as hard to promote this new content! So get a promotion plan, and work through it, and then continually promote, promote, promote!

Enjoy your journey

Steve Nash is webmaster of http://shoptour.co.uk - a new-look UK shopping directory: find shopping sites quickly AND save money. He also edits a newsletter called Promote! Promote! Promote! Subscribe by sending a blank e-mail to mailto:pppromote@getresponse.com

4 Articles = 2 Bestsellers For 2 Years

Written by Wayne Perkins

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When you write for your own e-zine, you are a promoter.

When you write for somebody else's e-zine you are an expert!

Action Plan:

Here is an e-zine action plan guaranteed to offer you any ofrepparttar following results:

1. The plan will make you popular.

2. The plan will make you money.

3. The plan will make you popular and make you money.

Letrepparttar 125172 Plan Begin.

Goal: Your goal is to make a total 10 article submissions per day, every day. If you miss a day catch up onrepparttar 125173 weekend.

Where do I find all of these e-zines and newsletters I can submit my articles?

Here is my cheap and easy guide to submitting e-zine articles.

Step 1

Go torepparttar 125174 search engine AltaVista at:


Step 2. Think big, very, very big. Since you are not "paying" for advertising, you can forget about all ofrepparttar 125175 target marketing you learned inrepparttar 125176 non-internet world.

For example, if you write e-books or sell products related to "weight," instead of using "weight" as a keyword to search, pick a word like "health."

Letrepparttar 125177 most popular websites onrepparttar 125178 Internet dorepparttar 125179 target marketing for you.

Inrepparttar 125180 empty search box on AltaVista, type inrepparttar 125181 word.... health.

Step 3 Click on "search" and around 56 million pages will be found by AltaVista.

Step 4. Here is your million-dollar tip. Inrepparttar 125182 "search for box" substitute two words for health.

The two words are...submit article.

Underrepparttar 125183 "search for box" there will be a little square box that reads, "Search within these results"

Click on that box and then click onrepparttar 125184 "Search" button.

Step 5. You will get a new search result netting over 14,000 pages that are displaying where to submit articles inrepparttar 125185 "health" category.

Of course after you are finished submitting to over 14,000 websites and e-zines you may want to search on "weight" and completerepparttar 125186 same process.


Publish your articles in other's e-zines and newsletters. Maybe you too will be able to publish two best sellers for two years or berepparttar 125187 top marketer with your products with only 4 articles.

Wayne Perkins is the best-selling author of "A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-publishing E-books." Wayne presents free teleseminars for Internet marketers, speakers and authors. Information about " Write and Sell Your First E-book ' is listed below: http://www.wayneperkins.net/ebooks/write.html mailto:wayne@wayneperkins.net

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