8 ways to build a really bad web site for Search Engines

Written by Gareth Davies

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Bad Move 5: Use lots of JavaScript

Search engines have a few problems understanding JavaScript in pages. Atrepparttar best of time they struggle with it, at worst they may even ignore it. On its own, it can be an unreliable way to make web site navigation. If you must use JavaScript for your navigation make sure you have some alternative ways to get to pages by using HTML text links atrepparttar 105841 bottom ofrepparttar 105842 page. If you have a large amount of JavaScript think about linking to it as a separate JavaScript file.

Bad Move 6: Don’t have sites linking to yours

Unless you want your web site hidden fromrepparttar 105843 outside world you want to be found right? Well search engines ideally find a new web site by following a link from another site. This happens when people link to you and this kind of underpinsrepparttar 105844 Internet. By having sites link to you search engine crawlers will find your web site and you never need to submit your web site torepparttar 105845 likes of Google. It is stillrepparttar 105846 case that web sites that rank highly on Google and Yahoo for relatively competitive key phrases often have scores if not hundreds of web sites linking to them Google help to explainrepparttar 105847 importance of linking here http://www.google.com/technology/. So “think links” and be sure to get your site listed in some quality web directories as part ofrepparttar 105848 process.

Bad Move 7: Focus on submitting your web site to thousands of search engines and forgetrepparttar 105849 ones that matter

Now and then you will see some companies attempting to promote this idea - often by using Bad Move 8! It is true that there are thousands of search engines butrepparttar 105850 highest volume of traffic comes from less than 10 major search engines. The logic of “If I get one hit a day off each ofrepparttar 105851 1000 mini search engines I’ll get a 1000 visitors a day” unfortunately in practice does not ring true. It is a fact that a huge volume of search engine traffic comes from a small handful of search engine: most notablyrepparttar 105852 Google, Yahoo and Msn.

Bad Move 8: Using unsolicited/ Spam email

This may seem obvious that this is notrepparttar 105853 best way to promote your business but is always worth stating. If you’re in any doubt simply ask yourself: “Do I like getting Spam emails?” It’s common sense to avoid using techniques that annoy people or damage your brand. Using unsolicited email campaigns could result in complaints and at worst your ISP could ban you. If you want a successful email campaign it is advisable to target genuine opted in newsletter subscribers and to always offer an opt-out button in every email.

Written by Gareth Davies 2005. You are free to reprint this article with both disclaimer and copyright notice in tact. Gareth Davies is a web promotion consultant working for GSINC Ltd based in North London, UK. For feedback on how to build better sites for search engines email Gareth via garethskettyATyahoo.co.uk or visit http://www.garethsketty.com

Search Engine Optimization for Dummies

Written by Daegan Smith

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  • Online Directories: Almost all major portals have industry specific directories. Submit your website’s URL to directories like Yahoo and About.com as well as smaller directories. This will increase your chances of getting a boost in your SE rankings.

  • Go Forth and Multiply: Create your own community of sites that point to each other. A good idea would be to have different sites if you sell different types of products and services. You can also concentrate on using specific keyword phrases on each site. The more content rich sites that point to your siterepparttar better. So that’s another great way to boost your search engine ranking.

    Now lets look at some ofrepparttar 105840 most common mistakes that can prove to berepparttar 105841 undoing of your website.

    -The number 1 mistake is not putting enough CONTENT. Your website must have keyword –rich content that adds value torepparttar 105842 visitors’ info search. Without meaningful content your visitors can click out just as easily only to never come back again.

    -Using frames is a technique that makesrepparttar 105843 Webmaster’s life easy but can easily prove to be a major put off for SE s. SE s may find it difficult to move around in frames and will fail to include all ofrepparttar 105844 pages in their list. These missed out pages will never show up torepparttar 105845 people who are looking for them and defeatrepparttar 105846 whole purpose of your exercise.

    -Enclosing text in graphics is another technique used by web designers to giverepparttar 105847 website an even, uniform look for every visitor. Unfortunately, SE s cannot differentiate between a photo in a graphic and text in a graphic. Hence they will overlook it. There you go again! Beat this problem by puttingrepparttar 105848 real information in plain text that search engines can recognize.

    Being visiblerepparttar 105849 Internet isrepparttar 105850 first step to being found onrepparttar 105851 Internet.

    So take advantage of these proven success tips and avoidrepparttar 105852 traps that will make your rankings fall down inrepparttar 105853 SE abyss. What you’ll be left with is a great website ranking bringing in focused qualified visitors to help you boost your sales.

    For more information check out these websites:

    http://www.powerhomebiz.com/vol127/optimization.htm http://www.dummies.com/WileyCDA/DummiesTitle/productCd-0764567586.html

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