8 breakthrough ways to bring free visitors to your site!

Written by William Johnston

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6.Autoresponder advertising

If you want to be a successful internet businessman you need to have an autoresponder. It is an essential tool which will save you hours of precious time. You can set your autoresponder up to email your prospects at certain intervals, and so take advantage, and send your new prospects emails about your new products, your special deals and your unique selling point which will benefitrepparttar reader. Alternatively, if you use your autoresponder to send out your special email course, make sure you have a small advertisement atrepparttar 145547 bottom and top ofrepparttar 145548 email. Either way, this is a way to get great traffic without you having to do any work.

7.Usingrepparttar 145549 power of recommendation

Nothing will make people come to your site more than having a friend recommend it to them. Everyone respects their friend’s opinions and if you can get people to recommend your site then you’re very likely to achieve a maximum amount of traffic. Word of mouth is a very common way of spreading ‘the best new thing’. To get a recommendation script to put on your website so that visitors can recommend your site atrepparttar 145550 click of a button, go to http://www.cgi-resources.com or http://www.hotscripts.com. Generally, I find that people will not recommend your site unless there is an incentive. Therefore, offer a free reward if people recommend your site, such as a free ebook or free software product. Also, make sure that your recommendation form is on lots of your web pages and that it is very visible. Soon, you will have a large number recommending their friends to your site.

8.Holding a contest on your website

Holding a contest is a concept which has been highly neglected, even though it has tremendous traffic building potential. Hold a contest on your site for something that your site is based around. For example, if your site is based around video games,repparttar 145551 prize could berepparttar 145552 latest video game, which you know everyone who visits your site will be interested in. Often you don’t have to pay forrepparttar 145553 prize either. Many companies would be happy to give you a free prize, becauserepparttar 145554 company would receive free advertising. People will come to your site, seerepparttar 145555 contest, and if they like it (which you have to make sure they do), they will almost certainly tell a friend about it. This way you will collect a load of email addresses, which you can mail to, to tell them about product updates. The potential for traffic is unlimited. Plus, by offering competitions like this, your site will gain popularity from winners, and you could also offer a consolation prize to those who haven’t won, so that you get popularity from allrepparttar 145556 losers ofrepparttar 145557 competition too.

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Help – I Need Traffic To My Website

Written by Tim Gorman

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A good link exchange program is vital torepparttar success of your website and can help attract visitors. Search engines such as Google use links back to your website as a means for determiningrepparttar 144633 page rank of a website. This page rank is beneficial to a websites’ success and placement inrepparttar 144634 search engine directory.

Probablyrepparttar 144635 easiest way to immediately send traffic to your website is throughrepparttar 144636 use of pay-per-click search engines. Although there is a cost involved when using this method you are guaranteed to receive traffic that is truly interested in your product or service. This method can also be used to test new ideas to make sure they will be profitable before fully releasing them. Again remember no traffic isrepparttar 144637 same as no sales.

Classified ads allow you another opportunity to entice visitors to your website. The downside is that money is again forced to leave your possession before you actually make any sales. This method of traffic generation is similar torepparttar 144638 PPC search engine technique described above.

As I mentioned earlier I userepparttar 144639 four methods described above to generate visitors to my websites. Although these aren’trepparttar 144640 only methods I use, they arerepparttar 144641 techniques that have worked best for me when it comes to generating qualified traffic and making a decent income online.

Timothy Gorman is a successful webmaster and publisher of Best-Free-Insurance-Quotes.com. He provides free insurance information and offers discount auto, life and home insurance that you can research in your pajamas on his website.<

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