8 Ways to get Free Targeted Traffic

Written by Steve

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5. Start A Newsletter Newsletters can be a great way to keep visitors comming back to your website. It is suggested that you send out a unique issue every week to keep remindingrepparttar customers that you are still here, but make sure each issue is different and has something to offerrepparttar 146731 reader, usually free information. Once you reach about 100 subscribers,repparttar 146732 newsletter can become an income generator, as you can sell ad space on it. You can find some great free scripts for your newsletter at www.ACJavascripts.com.

6. Awards Submitting your site to be chosen for awards is a great way to get people to find your website. If you happen to win a big award that fitsrepparttar 146733 color scheme of your website, you could display it proudly on your front page showing your visitors thatrepparttar 146734 website is reliable and has won awards. You can find out more about how to apply for awards with free software from http://www.market-tek.com/awardsite.html.

7. Free Stuff Free stuff to offer your visitors is a great way to keep them comming back or to persuade them to buy your products. There are many things you can offer, such as email addresses, games, information, tips and hints, software, ebooks, andrepparttar 146735 list goes on. You could give away something that would compliment a sale for your product. An example would be to give away free information on how dirty air can cause health problems if you are selling air purifiers.

8. Traffic Swarm We usually do not support traffic exchange programs and click for traffic programs, but we have found an exception. A program called Traffic Swarm has been one of our biggest targeted traffic producers. It's unique way of lettingrepparttar 146736 surfer choose what site they want to visit has proven successful and has reflected it's success to it's members. They do offer a pro memebership that gives you bonus credits, 2000 credits per month, a featured site link, and much more. HitsBam highly suggests joining this free program.

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Make Subscribing to RSS and Atom easier!

Written by Roshan Lalithkumar

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This is a great utility for any webmaster who is offering content feeds to their visitors. To see an example ofrepparttar script in action, go to quickSub’s homepage.

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