8 Ways to Get More Email Addresses On Your List ... Today

Written by Cynthia King

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Give a Bullet List of Benefits

No matter how good your copy is,repparttar fact remains that surfers scan. By outlining your benefits in a bulleted list, you'll grab wandering eyes - and summarize your case nicely. Here's a sample bulleted list for a local Italian restaurant.

- Free "Taste of Italy" cookbook, with 25 easy to make recipes - Membership to our birthday club. On your special day, you're dinner's on us. - VIP coupons (free desserts, entrees, and wine) - Exclusive tasting nights. We close our doors torepparttar 109568 public - and invite you to sample our new menu first.

Give a Bulleted List of Objection Killers

Why aren't people signing up to your list? That little nagging voice in their head wondering if you'll spam them, if you'll email them to much, ifrepparttar 109569 emails will be boring. A short list of objection killers can take care of this nicely. Here's an example.

- You'll hear from us (and only us) once a week. If you get sick of us, you can easily say "no thanks" - We keep your email completely private - you'll only hear from us. Our privacy policy can be found here (link).

Make sure you do include a short version of your privacy policy in your list, with a link to your full privacy policy on a separate page. More and more surfers are looking for privacy policies every day.

Provide a Sample Email or Two

Ifrepparttar 109570 emails you send out are content filled and well written, by all means show a couple of them off. A lot of ezines are boring, poorly written, or worse, just blatant ads. If you show surfers that your emails are worthwhile, they'll be much more likely to sign up.

Make Your Ezine Ad Standout

Many marketers takerepparttar 109571 time to set up an email list, writerepparttar 109572 issues, and then bury or hiderepparttar 109573 sign up box.

Feature your sign up box as prominently as possible, using bright colors (I'm partial to a yellow background).

Include a photo in your ad when relevant. Diet ezine? Show a woman satisfied with her fit body. Parenting advice? Happy moms with their kids.

Experiment withrepparttar 109574 size and location of your sign up box. Does it work best onrepparttar 109575 side, aboverepparttar 109576 fold? Or inrepparttar 109577 middle of an article? Usually bigger is better when it comes to ads - but test unusual shapes (like a square or long rectangle) as well,

Don't Ask Them to "Join" or "Subscribe"

You can make your submit button say whatever you want, so why not re-enforce your marketing message with a strong call to action? "Get Your VIP Coupons" or "Download 7 Easy Ways To Look Younger"

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Written by Pavel Lenshin

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Publications on request play another important role. It may be articles, reports, brochures, schemes, ebooks, audio, video files, any electronic media may be emailed inrepparttar body ofrepparttar 109567 email message or as an attachment to every person immediately on their request and to an email box they considered to berepparttar 109568 fastest to download from, presumably, ISP's.

As strange as it may seem, autoresponder may be used for tracking response rate as well. For instance, by putting slightly different autoresponder email addresses on different web-pages you can easily count how many requests came from each page, testing which web-page generatesrepparttar 109569 biggest interest.

To track ezine advertisement response you will also have to setup a different autoresponders for each ezine you plan to run your advert in. Atrepparttar 109570 end you will see how many people each ezine has sent you and generatedrepparttar 109571 biggest income.

Dominating majority of web-hosting plans, offered today onrepparttar 109572 Internet market, come with simple, usually unlimited, email autoresponders. That means they can help in 4 main cases that we have discussed above, except for timely delivered emails. That is because they imply one-time reply email, so you can setup (1) customer support emails, (2) subscription notifications to both your subscriber and yourself, (4) publications on request, (5) response tracking, but (3) timely delivered emails like email follow-ups or courses.

In order to offer automatic, say, weekly, email courses you will have to look for:

1) custom autoresponder internet application (script); 2) 3rd party autoresponder providers.

The rule of thumb is to know your needs and resources. First choice is preferable if you know what FTP and CGI mean or have someone with basic knowledge of how scripts are setup, want to install it once and forever, have time and money to make one-time investment. You can even try to find free script that in some cases may be even quicker to setup than sign up for some 3rd party service.

Autoresponder service, provided by independent Internet company, is easier for new comers as all technical stuff will be hidden, leaving simple web-interface to manage your autoresponders. For such convenience Internet companies will charge you on monthly or yearly basis, although there are free so-called adware autoresponders available.

In general you can find discounted all-in-one services, hosting offers or mailing lists coming with follow-up autoreponders and allowing you to save money.

Pavel Lenshin is a devoted Internet entrepreneur, founder of ASBONE.com, where you can find everything to make your business prosper. Discounted Internet services, FREE ebooks http://ASBONE.com/ebooks/ FREE reports http://ASBONE.com/reports/

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