8 Tips for working from home

Written by Verena Zbinden

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5. This tip is especially for women and housemen!

Explain to your children what you are doing. Make arrangements with them so you're not constantly interrupted. Maybe you have to hire a baby-sitter?

After all, when you worked a regular job, isn't this what you had to do? I know a mother who involves her school age children and then pays them a percentage of her revenue.

It's a great idea to awake that entrepreneurial spirit!

6. Find a company that gets you excited!

Whether you market a product or a service, look carefully atrepparttar company. What is their track record? Do they enterrepparttar 117973 market with a new company every few months, only to takerepparttar 117974 money and run...? Do your homework!

7. Choose a company that offers training...

Maybe even certification in their specific field. Look at it from your point of view: If you could designrepparttar 117975 perfect business, what features would it have? Then look for that company... even if it's your own!

8. So now, sit back and get rich quick onrepparttar 117976 Internet...

WRONG! Remember, evenrepparttar 117977 best companies withrepparttar 117978 best products aren't worth anything without people. Learn what it is that people want and then sharerepparttar 117979 benefits of your product or service.

It isrepparttar 117980 *benefits* that you market notrepparttar 117981 products or services. "Sellrepparttar 117982 sizzle notrepparttar 117983 steak".


Verena Zbinden is a national trainer for HealthyFix, a division of the Life Extension Center, an industry leader in the field of Health and Nutrition. She helps people achieve optimum health! To send her your comments, please write to verena@iglobal.net or visit her website at http://www.healthyfix.net

Hurry Up!! Get Rich??

Written by Gail Hornback

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But, you say, you would still be getting an 80,000 address mailing list for $89. Good value? Let's take a look.

Inrepparttar sales letter that promotesrepparttar 117972 program, you are told thatrepparttar 117973 majority of opt-in lists are useless because "everyone is posting, and nobody is reading". Well, if you joined this, or are thinking of joining this, what is YOUR reason for doing so?? Are you planning to promote your own offers?

Just because someone pays to be on a list, does NOT mean that they are more likely to readrepparttar 117974 offers they get. Will you? Or will you join it with one of your "disposal" email addresses? Do you think no one else hasrepparttar 117975 same idea? Trust me - there is a lot of deleting going on out there.

So what'srepparttar 117976 "moral" of this story? Bottom line: THERE ARE NO GET RICH PROGRAMS! I'm sure some ofrepparttar 117977 people atrepparttar 117978 top ofrepparttar 117979 matrix, andrepparttar 117980 creators ofrepparttar 117981 program will earn some income. Butrepparttar 117982 only way to REALLY create a successful online business is to build itrepparttar 117983 old-fashioned way! Work at it!

Want to build a large mailing list of people who will openrepparttar 117984 mail they get from you? Then put out quality PRODUCTS, and INFORMATION, combined with a relationship of trust that you have takenrepparttar 117985 time to build.

Here's a good rule of thumb: Invest yourself for a year. If you can get past a year, without giving up, your business will be a success. Most internet marketers give up before a year. Work hard for a year. Learn all you can, and put everything you learn into practice. Invest yourself in your customers, not in your business. The Get Rich Quick Programs will keep coming at you. They'll keep making promises that will sound extremely tempting. Don't let them distract you. You can do it without them!!!

Gail Hornback is a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of 5 kids. She is the author of WebWorksAtHome.com, and publisher of WebWorksAtHome Weekly update. You can contact her at webmaster@webworksathome.com. You can subscribe to her ezine at http://listbot.com/subscribe/webworksathome.

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