8 Tips To Building Your Dream Body

Written by Tony Newton

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5. Consider combining a home gym along with a membership in a public facility. Purchase less expensive free weight equipment for use at home and join a gym to have access to repparttar more expensive equipment. You can design your entire workout routines around a combination such as this.

6. Eat healthy! This can't be stressed enough. The only true bodybuilding aids are good nutrition. Consult a licensed dietician. Watch your local community calendar for free seminars on diet and nutrition. Learn all you can about what nature freely provides that can help you to develop a healthy diet.

7. If you choose to use dietary supplements, make certain that you know what you are putting in your body. Follow repparttar 137357 packaging guidelines we outlined above. Ask your physician for his/her recommendations based onrepparttar 137358 regimen you have selected. No friend, coach or acquaintance can takerepparttar 137359 place of your physician. In fact, you may even investigate finding a physician who specializes in sports wellness.

8. Be kind to yourself. Yes, it's important to push to achieve your goals, but it's very easy to tiprepparttar 137360 scales inrepparttar 137361 other direction and create a nightmare for yourself. Obsessive, compulsive behaviors are not conducive to a healthy bodybuilding lifestyle.

I wish you a healthy and happy journey on your road to weightlifting and bodybuilding. Putrepparttar 137362 suggestions and recommendations to work and you are well onrepparttar 137363 way to buildingrepparttar 137364 body you can be proud of!

Tony Newton publishes the popular health and wellness website - http://www.1st-for-health.com With lots of informative articles on low carb diets, hair loss, arthritis pain relief, acne and lots more.

15 Quick Body Toning Tips

Written by Tony Newton

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Tip 7 - Get a Grip - When using weights, hold them firmly yet comfortably, not tight, raising your blood pressure inrepparttar process.

Tip 8 - Un-Lock - Remember not to lock your knees or your elbows while working out. Don't place undo stress on them.

Tip 9 - Turtle Moves - Remember who won Aesop's famous race and go slow and steady, especially with any equipment and machines you are using. For example, avoid having machine weights slam back into position at all times.

Tip 10 - Focus -From Aesop torepparttar 137356 old Kung-Fu movie, here's a tip: focus onrepparttar 137357 muscle group you are working on during your workout, Grasshopper. Look at a wall if necessary, to maintain your concentration and proceed slow and steady.

Tip 11 - Journal - Keep a diary, journal or some type of record of your progress. Note which exercises you're using for which muscle groups,repparttar 137358 number of repetitions and intensity. Track your diet here, too, if you'd like. Then set goals for yourself and update them regularly.

Tip 12 - Attention - Stand up straight! Chest out and up. Shoulders back. Keep good posture.

Tip 13 - Breath - At first it's difficult to monitor everything. But once you learn your routines, remember to exhale when lifting. Inhale when returning back torepparttar 137359 beginning position.

Tip 14 - R&R - Don't forget that "All work and no play…" saying. Rest and relax. Work different muscle groups on alternate days.

Tip 15 - NO Hiding! - Psst - Some ofrepparttar 137360 most difficult-to-shed fat is hiding under your belly button. Even though you may have strong abs, no one will see them ifrepparttar 137361 overlying tissue is fat. Ugh! Time to hitrepparttar 137362 crunches and leg raises.

In conclusion, to getrepparttar 137363 toned body you desire, you need a regularly scheduled combination program of aerobic exercises, strength training, and good, healthy eating habits. A good place to begin is with your healthcare provider forrepparttar 137364 latest information about a well-balanced dietary and exercise plan to begin your strategic toning today.

Tony Newton publishes the popular health and wellness website - http://www.1st-for-health.com With lots of informative articles on low carb diets, hair loss, arthritis pain relief, obesity and lots more.

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