8 Prosperity Principles

Written by Jeff Forte

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5. The goal isrepparttar joy ofrepparttar 124082 journey, notrepparttar 124083 result. Keeping that focus keeps you centered inrepparttar 124084 NOW moment where your true wealth can be revealed and expressed, through an endless myriad of expressions and reflections thatrepparttar 124085 Universe wants to show you. This isrepparttar 124086 path of letting go, and allowing all to exist as it is. Your joy comes from simply being who you are ... an infinite and abundant creator.

6. Prosperity is a "feeling place." Not an outward experience or event. They arerepparttar 124087 reflections of how you have been feeling or flowing your Source Energy (as creator ... that is all you do -- flow energy). When you get that it's all aboutrepparttar 124088 feeling of things, that creates anything, you've got it.

7. The Law of Giving and Receiving. What you give of your Self you receive back in manifestation. The importance here is HOW you give, not what you give. When you come from a place of abundant giving you receive abundance in return. When you give fromrepparttar 124089 place of limitation or lack (ie. expecting something in return as a pay off) you are given more representations of lack and limitation. This can also be perceived as thinking thoughts or taking actions based on FEAR or those on LOVE. The former yields poverty consciousness,repparttar 124090 latter, prosperity consciousness.

8. You are Worthy of goodness, love and abundance. This isrepparttar 124091 most important principle. For with it, you will realize your infinite nature. It isrepparttar 124092 foundation for creating everything you can ever desire. That's why it is last. So you'll remember withrepparttar 124093 most impact. Embrace that thought, if you forget everything else, and your abundance will continue to expand. Allow that thought to permeate your entire being, by affirming it as often as you must, no matter how you feel. Know you are worthy just because of who you are ... a creator made inrepparttar 124094 image ofrepparttar 124095 Infinite. That is who you are and will always be, eternally. So rejoice!

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Every Problem Is An Opportunity To Cash In On

Written by John Colanzi

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2. I had a chance to recognizerepparttar new direction of online marketing. Marketers have taken a major leap in combining residual income with viral marketing.

They've takenrepparttar 124081 best aspects of network marketing and eliminatedrepparttar 124082 need for building a downline. Residuals are built in, but you still have direct profits on every sale.

3. I've had time to evaluate my marketing and eliminate what doesn't work. I can now zero in on what works and quit wasting time on what doesn't.

I could go on for days listing what I've learned inrepparttar 124083 last few weeks and it wouldn't have been possible, if I wasn't forced to step back and look at my efforts with a new set of eyes.

Savvy internet marketers are taking their efforts torepparttar 124084 next level and it would have taken me months to catch on to this new trend, if I were busy working my business.

So it's true "Every problem is an opportunity to cash in on."

Thank God for my problems. Without them, I wouldn't have noticedrepparttar 124085 new wave in marketing. The two weeks of studying have proven to be my best investment yet.

I'm looking at my business through new eyes and I'm "Ready to catchrepparttar 124086 wave."

Wishing You Success

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