8 Lessons for Businesswomen Racing to Build a New World

Written by Laurel Delaney

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5). Unearth your potential.

Seabiscuit learned to trust his trainer and rider, and this becamerepparttar foundation for their relationship. What happened as a result? His love of running returned. So long as he was treated like a gentleman, he'd run his heart out. He acquired cool confidence. He was a new horse. Seabiscuit finally understoodrepparttar 131141 game. His trainer and rider had "unearthed him."

Women want to be "unearthed" too. Put trust and faith in her hands and she will develop an undying spirit that leads to victory.

6). Intimidate all.

As Hillenbrand's book states, "Where other horses relied solely on speed to win, Seabiscuit used intimidation." Women should too.

7). Saverepparttar 131142 last reserve of courage forrepparttar 131143 end.

Hillenbrand wrote, "If he [Seabiscuit] became too absorbed in rubbing a particular horse's nose in his defeat, he risked being unable to regain his momentum whenrepparttar 131144 closers came after him. Fortunately, though taunting was one of Seabiscuit's greatest pleasures, once he was challenged,repparttar 131145 games ended. In a fight he was all business. 'Did you ever see two stallions fight?' Seabiscuit's trainer Smith asked. 'They look about evenly matched -- most times they are -- but one of 'em has that last reserve of courage and energy which licksrepparttar 131146 other. Seabiscuit has it.'" Women do too. Preserve it and pull it out atrepparttar 131147 end.

8). Stake a claim on being unbeaten and unchallenged.

Many great racehorses from Seabiscuit to Seattle Slew to Secretariat all had something in common. They each hadrepparttar 131148 desire to stake a claim on being unbeaten and unchallenged throughoutrepparttar 131149 course of their careers. Women must dorepparttar 131150 same. We must speak up and haverepparttar 131151 good horse sense to own our way in life. Just like a world-class racehorse, you are going to fight your way through torepparttar 131152 winner's circle. In doing so, businesswomen will winrepparttar 131153 race to building a new world.

Laurel Delaney runs a Chicago-based global marketing, consulting and web content providing company aimed toward entrepreneurs and small businesses. She is currently at work on, "Women Entrepreneurs Take On The World," to be published fall, 2002. She can be reached at ldelaney@globetrade.com

Create Your Own Local Cable Women in Business Program

Written by Jerrilynn B. Thomas

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Background research is required to construct your content. Find out what new trends onrepparttar Internet are important torepparttar 131139 women in business market. If your program is going to feature guests that have web sites, incorporate their sites intorepparttar 131140 program to make it interactive. The audience could contact you via email while you are onrepparttar 131141 air to ask your guests questions. Get your guests to provide your audience with a freebie or prizes that they can only receive while your program is onrepparttar 131142 air. Just make your content fun and exciting and you will keep your audience from turningrepparttar 131143 channel.

Guests can make or break a program. Choose them carefully. They can be owners ofrepparttar 131144 most dynamic businesses and have dull personalities. Your audience will turnrepparttar 131145 channel. Allow prospective guests to send in their media kit. Interview them onrepparttar 131146 phone. Then meet withrepparttar 131147 more promising prospects in person to make your final decision.

Now its time to give your business program a name. I decided to wait untilrepparttar 131148 end for this very important item to give you time to fully developrepparttar 131149 vision for your business program. This is where vanity or creativity comes into play. It's your program. If your business name is suitable, use it. Name it after yourself if you want to boost your personal business image. If neither of these ideas appeals to you, then think of an original name for your business program. Make it exciting by having a contest to find a name for your program to stir up interest.

These are just a few of things to think about if you ever decide to create your own cable women in business program. Wardrobe, makeup, sponsors, camera crew, etc. must also be addressed. Next month I will discuss how to promote your new business program.

Jerrilynn is also the owner of the Women's News Bureau ( http://www.womensnewsbureau.com ) and publisher of the Women's Media Desk (http://www.womensmediadesk.com ). She provides PR Makeovers, designs media kits, develops media lists, and conducts virtual public relations boot camp. Contact: jerrilynnb@womensnewsbureau.com

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