8 Deadly Strategies To Blast Your Site In To Dangerous Profits

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

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5. Go torepparttar following ezine article directories, search out ezines relevant to your product line, subscribe to them, get their ad rates and do a targeted ezine blast. While you are corresponding with ezine owners about your paid ad placements, you may also invite them to join your affiliate program.

- http://www.newsletteraccess.com/ - http://www.ezine-universe.com/ - http://www.etext.org/index.shtml

6.Write a small informational booklet giving useful information relevant to your product; benefits of using your products, why your products arerepparttar 131870 best, any special bonuses/discounts torepparttar 131871 users etc.

- Use this as your ebusiness card – anyone coming to your website can pick it up absolutely free without having to sign up to your mailing list.

- Encourage your visitors to distribute this booklet in any way they like.

- Put this booklet up on http://www.ebay.com for auction – yes you may start as low as possible... and put a link up to your website – this way you can redirect highly targeted traffic from ebay to your website.

7. Start a free auto-responder series course of interest to your customers – say if you are selling kitchenware, you may start a course titled "How To berepparttar 131872 best chef inrepparttar 131873 world in 7 days or less" – here you may describe different cooking procedures/ recipes using specific appliances you stock in your inventory. Atrepparttar 131874 end of each lesson you may offer a special time sensitive discount forrepparttar 131875 particular product you are promoting... And advertise this course everywhere.

8. Go to http://www.google.com and check out their adwords program – type in any keyword relevant to your product/website and search, besidesrepparttar 131876 regular search results, onrepparttar 131877 top right hand corner ofrepparttar 131878 page a few ads come up. You can get your ad up there for your most relevant keywords.

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Net Words by Nick Usborne - A Book Review

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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I'm about to offerrepparttar shortest and most concise book review Ive ever written. "Net Words" by Nick Usborne. A great case is made here for repparttar 131869 importance of text onrepparttar 131870 web and why it is critical to make your NET WORDS more focused as well asrepparttar 131871 need to speak with a unique "voice" onrepparttar 131872 internet. Corporate doublespeak won't compel anyone to buy from you. TEXT written in an engaging manner without wasted words is what WORKS online. Buy "Net Words" and read it if you hope to have even repparttar 131873 slightest chance of success onrepparttar 131874 web. Usborne lamentsrepparttar 131875 lack of respect paid to words in online copy and makes a solid case for hiring professional copywriter for business web sites. I think he missed though, in making a case as strong as he could by failing to emphasizerepparttar 131876 role of search engines in making text so critical to all online business owners. I suppose I knew when I decided to reviewrepparttar 131877 book that Usborne would be "Preaching to repparttar 131878 choir" when telling me, a search engine optimizer, aboutrepparttar 131879 importance of words onrepparttar 131880 web. You may have noted that I agree heartily withrepparttar 131881 idea of "Creating High-Impact Online Copy" asrepparttar 131882 "Net Words" subtitle recommends.

Usborne provides examples of strong and effective words as effective sales tools, as you might expect from a copywriter. But I don't think he makes nearly enough of a case for words as he could had he emphasized more on their role in attracting traffic to your web site inrepparttar 131883 first place.

Net Words is a quick read making a very important point that all online business can benefit from. I believe I'll approach Usborne to add a couple of chapters from yours truly on how important those words are torepparttar 131884 search engines.

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