86400 Seconds a Day

Written by Jordan Francis

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Setting yourself a specific amount of time to do something can be very rewarding, like giving yourself one hour tonight to work on your business, instead of just working and finding yourself half awake at 3 inrepparttar morning, wondering why you are so tired.

But that's not all you should do. You should also set yourself specific goals to achieve within your time slot(s).

You need to 'cut' yourself time AND set goals to achieve within that time, to make efficient use of those valuable seconds.

One withoutrepparttar 117411 other is pointless.

Time + no set goals = Failure. Set goals + no time = Failure. Time plus set goals = Success!

If we don't have set goals and set time periods in which to do them, we would be lucky at best to get results.

Spend those 86400 seconds wisely!

Think of it as 'flex' time. Rough estimates are good, likerepparttar 117412 odd half an hour here and a couple of hours there sort of thing.

In future, set yourself specific goals which you want to attain, and give yourself a time period to do it in.

This will speed you to success!

By: Jordan Francis

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Home Office Tip 2...Computer Health Hazards!

Written by BB Lee

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Exercise Tip: Try exercising atrepparttar computer. Rotate your wrist in circles for several minutes. Give them a brisk massage afterwards.

Back Problems. Make sure your desk chair is adjusted properly. It should fitrepparttar 117410 contours of your back and you should be able to move about easily. Many back problems are caused by badly structured chairs.

Exercise Tip: Stand and stretch gently palms overhead torepparttar 117411 sky. Hold for a few seconds and then relax. This will loosen up tense back muscles.

Blurred Vision: Make sure your light sources are not reflected off your monitor's screen. Glare and refection offrepparttar 117412 monitor can cause eye problems leading to blurred vision.

Exercise Tip: Roll your eyes up and then look down. Blink and then close your eyes. Do this several times to relieve strain. Remember to look away from your monitor frequently and to take more breaks to rest your eyes

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