80% of your Web site is Maintenance

Written by Judy Cullins

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Make your Web pages easier to read by using bullets. On my home page I put these questions in bullets:

"Let me help you answer questions about your book" What arerepparttar first steps to writing a great selling book? Will my book attract my desired audience? Will my potential buyers think my book is worthrepparttar 132085 money? Will my books sell enough copies for my satisfaction? Now that it's written, how can I best promote my book?

One great test isrepparttar 132086 size of your paragraphs. In general, keep them short, around 1-4 sentences. Imagine looking at a long line of print before getting torepparttar 132087 meat? Discouraged, you would probably leaverepparttar 132088 page, and possiblyrepparttar 132089 site! Check for passive sentence construction too. Your spell and grammar check gives you those percentages atrepparttar 132090 end. If your sentences are more than 3-4% passive, you need a professional coach to check your copy.

*Test your site layout. Know where people are entering your site and exiting. Many companies out there can give you this counting service. If potential buyers keep leaving at a particular page before they go to products and ordering page, your words deceive you-and some changes are in order. You can track: where your traffic is coming from, what pages visitors like, what page torepparttar 132091 majority of visitors enter and exit, and how long are they there, even which ones signed up for your eNewsletter.

*Test your order process. Ask certain people to run through different parts of your site (show your appreciation by paying them for it with free product or service). Tell them you have a thick skin, and appreciate their honesty. One would-be customer couldn't finishrepparttar 132092 order for one of my teleclasses. It took a lot of effort to get that mistake rectified with some free product. I know a famous eBook author from which I tried and tried to buy a book. I even emailed him about it. He said he didn't take email orders and sent me back to whererepparttar 132093 problem was. It's much better to have all links work, so your customers will have an easy ordering experience.

Know that your job of testing never ends. It's what we call maintenance, 80% of life is maintenance! Just experimenting with these tests will bring more sales. Keep testing to know what your potential buyers really want.

Judy Cullins: author, publisher, book coach _Ten Non-techie Ways to Market Your Book Online_ http://www.bookcoaching.com/products.shtml Subscribe to FREE ezine "The Book Coach Says..." Email: Judy@bookcoaching.com

Real Audio and Real Video, streaming media for your web site

Written by Dominic Arnold

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Step 3: Encoderepparttar file Inrepparttar 132084 "RealEncoder" screen, clickrepparttar 132085 "Start" button inrepparttar 132086 lower left corner of repparttar 132087 RealEncoder window. It may take a few minutes to encoderepparttar 132088 file, depending onrepparttar 132089 length ofrepparttar 132090 original file. The blue bar inrepparttar 132091 lower right corner ofrepparttar 132092 RealEncoder shows your progress. When encoding is finished, a "Recording Complete" box will pop up. Here you are givenrepparttar 132093 choice to uploadrepparttar 132094 destination of your file to Real Server Janus where, if you're lucky, someone may stumble across your musical offering via their web site. You simply connect torepparttar 132095 internet and fill outrepparttar 132096 form at Janus to inform them where they might find your music. Then you should close RealProducer .

Step 4: Uploadrepparttar 132097 file To uploadrepparttar 132098 file to your Web site, you will need to use an FTP program or Site Manager. You can upload to any directory, just be sure you rememberrepparttar 132099 address ofrepparttar 132100 file. If your program asks, this file should be uploaded in "Binary" mode.

Step 5: Make a text file linking torepparttar 132101 Real (*.rm) file Click your Start Menu and go to "Run." Type "Notepad" and click "OK". In Notepad, type only this line of text: http://www.server#/username/directory/file.rm. # isrepparttar 132102 server that you are on, username is your domain username, directory is where you've uploadedrepparttar 132103 rm file to and file.rm isrepparttar 132104 actual file that you uploaded. For instancerepparttar 132105 file wakefreezone is at: 'http://www.eidosnet.co.uk/donkit racks/wakefreezone.rm'

Here'srepparttar 132106 rub. There should only be one line of text inrepparttar 132107 Notepad window. When you are finished, click "File" and go to "Save As." Inrepparttar 132108 "Save as Type" selector, select "All Files (*.*)". Select a directory you can remember, and inrepparttar 132109 "File name:" box type a name with an ending of .ram. (For example, sound.ram.) Click "Save." This is extremely important. What you've done here is to create a kind of sign post torepparttar 132110 .rm file which then, when your visitor clicks on torepparttar 132111 link, points their copy of RealPlayer torepparttar 132112 .rm file whichrepparttar 132113 application will then play.

Step 6: Uploadrepparttar 132114 text file Use an FTP program or Site Manager to uploadrepparttar 132115 text file to your web site. You can upload to any directory, just be sure you rememberrepparttar 132116 address ofrepparttar 132117 file. If your program asks, this file should be uploaded in "Text" or "ASCII" mode, however most FTP programmes worth their salt will know what type of file you're uploading and changerepparttar 132118 mode automatically.

Step 7: Link torepparttar 132119 text file on your web site You will need to edit one of your HTML files on your Web site and place a link torepparttar 132120 *.ram file. This link should be to your web site, not torepparttar 132121 file on your hard drive. Then you will need to re-uploadrepparttar 132122 HTML file.

Step 8: Test your RealAudio file Go to your web site and click onrepparttar 132123 link torepparttar 132124 RealFile (the *.ram file). Your browser should quickly download a file, and RealPlayer should open and playrepparttar 132125 RealAudio file. If anything does not work correctly checkrepparttar 132126 addresses you used and make sure they are accurate. If your file refuses to play but no other error messages pop up, you should check that you uploadedrepparttar 132127 files withrepparttar 132128 proper file type.

RealVideo To make RealVideo, userepparttar 132129 same method but be prepared to wait whilerepparttar 132130 file encodes as video is far more memory hungry than audio.

Have fun!

Dominic Arnold dominic@deepflight.co.uk

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