7 ways to use business cards in your business?

Written by Carl cholette

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6)When you post flyers on billboards in your city, you can also stick a few business cards on your flyers. This will give you two advantages. First, you will be different than most people. How many times have you seen flyer with business cards attach to it? You will get more attention to your flyers because your different. Secondly, if people are interested, instead of tearing down your ad, they will simply take a small business cards.

7)If you arerepparttar kind of person that likes to takes walk, You can be very proactive about your business.Simply, give away cards to every person that you see!

So now, go out there and put to practice what you have just learn. Don't be shy! Remember, if nobody knows you're in business, you are not in business!

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The Top Ten Antique Categories on eBay!

Written by Joe Clare

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4 - Roman Antiquities

3 - Silver Napkin Rings

2 - Locks and Key

Andrepparttar number 1 Antique Category for "Hot Items" is...

Weathervanes and Lightning Rods.

There you have it! The Top Ten Picks of Antique Categories where potential bidders are surfing to find all those treasures from times gone by. If you sell Antiques on eBay, finding items that fit into one or more ofrepparttar 150490 above categories will see your number of bids increase substantially. Always remember to do your research before listing any item for auction. Know what categories are "Hot!" Do a price analysis of your product. Know whatrepparttar 150491 item costs you and what you can potentially sell it for. Then sit back and watchrepparttar 150492 bidding heat up!

Happy Selling! Joe Clare

Joe Clare is an active Netpreneur and eBayer! He is the author of numerous articles on how to succeed on eBay! Check out his latest Best Selling eBook "eBay Marketing Wholesale SourcePak" Your Passport to Success! at www.ebooksnsoftware.com

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