7 things to look for in a URL snipping Service

Written by Charles H Smith

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Seventh, are your links available only torepparttar site administrators or are they available torepparttar 131548 general public?

An alternative torepparttar 131549 free services is your own snipping service, running from your server. This ensures your links are available until you decide to delete them.

Generally speaking,repparttar 131550 short URL generators are php/MySQL driven scripts. You would need php installed on your server, your site administrator could tell you if it is. You would also need a MySQL database, again your site administrator could tell you if this is available to you.

Another item to check isrepparttar 131551 control panel page. It should be a php template that can be edited for color, position etc.

If you are using a shared hosting situation you may not be able to run a script that requires will not allow Mod Rewrites to be on, It should be a webmaster settable configuration.

What'srepparttar 131552 difference Mod Rewrites On/Off? As you compare repparttar 131553 resulting snipped URL's, if has a ? inrepparttar 131554 URL; such as, http://snippedurl.com/?a thenrepparttar 131555 script is set for Mon Rewrites off. This is probably notrepparttar 131556 preferable URL format. If there is no ? inrepparttar 131557 snipped URL then it may only be run with Mod Rewrites on.

As you look to snipping your URL's you may want to bring repparttar 131558 service in-house to your server. This will give your site added stickyness as your customers, return time and time again to snip their URL's.

Charles H Smith http://charleshsmith.com/blog http://snipmyurl.com

Charles H Smith http://charleshsmith.com/blog http://snipmyurl.com

Alexa Rank

Written by Ratliff J

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The Alexa user base is only a sample ofrepparttar Internet population, and sites with relatively low traffic will not be accurately ranked by Alexa due torepparttar 131546 statistical limitations ofrepparttar 131547 sample. Alexa's data come from a large sample of several million Alexa Toolbar users; however, this is not large enough to accurately determinerepparttar 131548 rankings of sites with fewer than roughly 1,000 total monthly visitors. Generally, Traffic Rankings of 100,000+ should be regarded as not reliable becauserepparttar 131549 amount of data we receive is not statistically significant. Conversely,repparttar 131550 more traffic a site receives (the closer it gets torepparttar 131551 number 1 position),repparttar 131552 more reliable its Traffic Ranking becomes.

Learn more about Alexa at Alexa Rank.

J. Ratliff is an avid affiliate marketer.

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