7 Ways to Self-Promote Within Your E-zine

Written by Alexandria K. Brown

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3) In your article, throw in LINKS to related articles you've written or been featured in, when appropriate.

Your readers will appreciaterepparttar additional information and resources, and it's one more chance for you to demonstrate your expertise and credibility. (See how I did this in item no. 1?)

4) Directly after your article, give a quick PROMO BLURB, mentioning your e-books, reports, or workshops, if you offer them.

Why right afterrepparttar 124332 article and before anything else? If someone reads your article and says to themselves, "Gee, that was great information!" They'll be ready to hear what else you have to share on that subject.

A great lead-in for your blurb is: "Did You Like Today's Article? If you did, you'll LOVE my [e-book, report, upcoming workshop, etc.]..."

5) In each issue, offer a TESTIMONIAL from one of your clients or customers.

I saw another e-zine publisher doing this last year and thought, "What a great idea! She's giving her readers further reason to try her services."

I now do this regularly for my "AKB MarCom Tips" e-zine, Which features tips on writing "copy that sells" (http://www.akbwriting.com). Afterrepparttar 124333 article and promo blurb, I have a small section that says "What Our Clients Are Saying." In each issue, I feature a short testimonial from one of my copywriting clients.

6) Tell us what YOU'RE all about!

Atrepparttar 124334 end of your ezine, take at least 10 lines and give a concise description of YOU and what you have to offer your readers.

Marketing writer and consultant Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen," is author of "Boost Business With Your Own E-zine: 209 Secrets to Planning, Writing, Publishing, and Promoting an Online Newsletter That Gets Results." To learn more about Alexandria's corporate writing and consulting business, AKB & Associates, visit http://www.akbwriting.com

Are Announcement Lists Effective?

Written by Bill Platt

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Because my own newsletter appeals to such a wide audience, I wanted to make sure that I was able to include testimonials from folks from every level of computing experience. I have foundrepparttar four best testimonials from my readers, andrepparttar 124331 testimonials represent all levels of computer users fromrepparttar 124332 new computer user, torepparttar 124333 experienced computer enthusiast, torepparttar 124334 computing professional. Two ofrepparttar 124335 four testimonials addressrepparttar 124336 new user, each from a different perspective.

Depending on where I place an ad swap or announcement, I have enough range in my testimonials to provide incentive to anyone to subscribe to my ezine. I have even updated my subscribe page to include all four testimonials, so that anyone contemplating subscription, will discover at least three more reasons to subscribe.

My readers tell my storyrepparttar 124337 best, andrepparttar 124338 vast majority of folks who will be reading my ad want to know what my readers think of my ezine, before they are willing to consider subscribing. If you would care to see my testimonials in action, please feel free to visit my subscribe page to see for yourself:

http:/ opica.com/lists/WindstormComputing

The point is, you need to try out different ads allrepparttar 124339 time. In their order of importance,repparttar 124340 two ad structures that provided repparttar 124341 best returns from my announcement ads have always come from: 1. testimonials, and 2. ads that included tips or materials from my newsletter,

Announcement lists are a great source for testing out your ad structure, and discovering what works and what does not work. But, in time, you will notice that what has worked before, does not seem to haverepparttar 124342 same pull that it used to. It is at this time that you need to start exploringrepparttar 124343 other great avenues available for producing new subscriptions.

The other day I was cruising around, and I realized why, after a time, why we get such a slim return from our postings on announce lists... Between all 20 or so lists that I submit to, there are maybe 2000 subscribers between them, and my bet is, most of those subscribers are people like you and me looking for their own subscribers!

Bill Platt is the owner of http://ThePhantomWriters.com . Consider employing our team of professional wordsmiths to weave articles developed to reach your target market. We can help put your business on the road to Internet success, with custom, ghosted articles that will drive targeted and motivated buyers to your domain for years to come.

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