7 Ways To Push Past Procrastination

Written by Kathy Gates

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4. Doesrepparttar task seem huge, even overwhelming? Push Past Procrastination by breakingrepparttar 123896 job down into smaller steps to get it under control and manageable. Instead of considering paintingrepparttar 123897 whole inside ofrepparttar 123898 house, focus on only one room or even one wall. Schedule a specific amount of time that you will spend on it each day, or week. Set realistic goals for yourself, instead of expecting to accomplish everything immediately.

5. Are there too many things demanding my attention so that nothing of real value gets done? Push Past Procrastination by setting priorities. Do things that are important to you and your life. Develop a filter system so that only what's contributing to your goals gets in. Making a task easier often comes with making a choice to adjust your schedule, re-allocate your money, or choosing how to spend your energy.

6. Is this really my goal, or is it someone else's? Are you doing it to please someone? Obviously there's nothing wrong with pleasingrepparttar 123899 people you love. But if you find yourself in a role or job that no longer fits, it's a signal that you will need to find another route to take. Push Past Procrastination by examining how you spend your time, what roles you are playing, and how they relate to who you are at this time in your life.

7. Am I afraid ofrepparttar 123900 outcome? Procrastination may show up in employment whenrepparttar 123901 fear of finishing one project without having another onrepparttar 123902 horizon may mean that you would get laid off. Procrastination may show up if you fear being blamed for bad results. Procrastination may show up in personal situations as a fear of losing what you now have, even if it's not what you want. Push Past Procrastination by having reserves. Without reserves, you live in fear. Fear causes you to make decisions you don't like, which in turn makes you procrastinate. Build reserves and fear will no longer slow you down.

Kathy Gates, Professional Life Coach, can help you set priorities and goals, take action, make changes, and reshape your life. She is the author of "7 SECRETS for a Great Life" Ebook available at www.reallifecoach.com.

Your Life - Your Values

Written by Myrtis Smith

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So how do your values and goals line up? What are things that you SAY are important to you? Do your actions support those things? Do you feel like there is a disconnect in your life? Take a few moments to list all ofrepparttar things that you consider important. Some ideas include family, career, spirituality, life-long learning, having fun, helping others, andrepparttar 123895 list goes on. Prioritize you top 3. Now pull out your day planner; are your daily activities supporting those 3 values? What can you do to reorient your life around your values?

Myrtis Smith is a career coach and the founder of Premeditated Life. At Premeditated Life, we have one focus: Your Career. We offer services to support your career goals, whether you are in transition, need help with your job search or want to improve your professional skills. For a FREE Career Assessment email: coaching@premeditatedlife.com

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