7 Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Income By 200% Or More Instantly

Written by Nathan Lynch

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5. Bid on keywords on pay-per-click search engines. Purchase text link ads in these search engines. Make sure thatrepparttar keywords are targeted to your product or you may pay too much for each click.

6. Start a viral marketing strategy. Give away a free ebook or software application that is of great value - something that no one else is giving away. Have your affiliate advertising, i.e. banner or text ads, withinrepparttar 102611 ebook or application.

7. Write articles and send them to ezine publishers. The secret is find large subscription based ezines and write a particular article that is focused to that audience. i.e. writing a article that is about getting top positions in search engines to a newsletter that is all about search engines.

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How To Win The Affiliate Game

Written by Michael Southon

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4. Personal recommendation. The human factor is very important onrepparttar Internet - people want to know that someone else has boughtrepparttar 102610 product and that it worked for them. But to write a convincing personal recommendation, you'll have to buy, read and userepparttar 102611 product you're selling.

5. 'Over-selling' - this isrepparttar 102612 most common mistake of affiliates. Keep in mind that all you need to do to succeed with affiliate programs is to get your potential customer to click through torepparttar 102613 affiliate website in an 'open-to-buy' mindset. Ifrepparttar 102614 affiliate program is good,repparttar 102615 affiliate website will makerepparttar 102616 sale. So don't try to sellrepparttar 102617 product from your website - just aim to get a click on your affiliate link.

5. Standard Ads. When you join an affiliate program, you'll probably be given some standard ads to use. Don't use them! Why? Because your potential customer has probably seen those exact same ads on dozens of websites and in dozens of Ezines. And if that standard ad hasn't led them to buyrepparttar 102618 product so far, it probably won't now. Something new and original is required.

6. Back-end sales. Once you're succeeding in one affiliate program, join another program that offers a related product and userepparttar 102619 technique that marketers call 'back-end' sales. It's a well known fact that people are much more likely to buy from someone they have already bought from. So when someone makes a purchase from your affiliate link, send them a nice follow-up letter. Atrepparttar 102620 end ofrepparttar 102621 letter, tell them about your other affiliate product and how it can help them.

Every success to you!

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