7 Ways To Get Repeat Traffic

Written by Ken Hill

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6. Publish a newsletter.

Publishing a newsletter will help you gain your visitors' trust, increase your sales as you create awareness of your products and services, and allow you to successfully promote affiliate programs to your subscribers.

You will also be able to continually generate more repeat traffic by linking to your site or different sections of your site, telling your visitors of any new additions to your site, and by telling your subscribers of any promotions that you have running.

7. Even if you don't haverepparttar time it takes to publish an ezine, you can still generate more repeat traffic to your site by building up your own opt-in mailing list.

Ask your visitors to sign-up to be notified when your site changes or when you add new features to your site, or ask your visitors on your order page if they would like to be notified inrepparttar 131825 future of any new or special offers.

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Which fonts can I use on my website? What if I want to use others?

Written by Dianne Reuby

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Mac users should have Arial on their machines.

The problem is that in many parts ofrepparttar world, people don't have a PC or Mac at home. They use college or university workstations, and these are usually usingrepparttar 131824 Unix operating system instead of Windows. If they do have a home PC, they userepparttar 131825 free Linux operating system and software. Both show Verdana and Arial very badly.

So if you want as many visitors as possible to view your pages as you intended them to, you should choose a range of fonts, like this:

In this example, Arial and Helvetica are two common sans- serif fonts - browsers will look for your first choice (Arial), thenrepparttar 131826 second (Helvetica). If they can't find those two, they'll look for any font that'srepparttar 131827 right type (sans-serif).

Happy site building!

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