7 Tips for Testing Your Sales and Marketing

Written by Angela Wu

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4. Track your advertising. There are a number of commercially available ad tracking packages that can help you see which ads are working well and which aren't. Discard anything that doesn't work, and try to improve on ads that appear to work well.

5. Experiment withrepparttar navigation of your website. For example, changerepparttar 125263 number of clicks required to get to your ordering page, or changerepparttar 125264 flow of navigation so that your visitor always ends up at an ordering page.

6. Test different types of links. You might try short ads inrepparttar 125265 margins of your web pages vs. text links within repparttar 125266 context of an article, for example.

7. Test response rates between direct links to your sales page andrepparttar 125267 use of a follow-up autoresponder. Sometimes people just need an extra 'push' or a reminder to order. (make sure your autoresponder has an easy way for your prospect to unsubscribe)

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Web Site Promoting 101

Written by Bill Daugherty

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The reason I started my reply to your question about how to promote your web site with this little story, is to illustrate just how vital a consistent flow of advertising is to any business. It doesn't matter if that business is online or offline. It doesn't matter if that business is a small one-person operated web site like yours or a giant like Mr. Wrigley's. To be successful all businesses must advertise, advertise, advertise. Ifrepparttar advertising is weak, in either quality or quantity,repparttar 125262 company's revenue will be weak. You must have well written ads and you must get your message in front of a lot of people. Selling is a numbers game.

The Internet offers a wide array of advertising venues: ezine ads, classified ads, FFA (Free For All) ads, email ads, banner ads and links on other web sites. Many of these venues are free and those that are not, are very inexpensive compared torepparttar 125263 cost of offline advertising. Byrepparttar 125264 way, offline advertising for your online business can be very effective, but it is very expensive.

In summation, I leave you with my mantra: Advertise, Advertise, Advertise and then advertise some more!

Bill Daugherty is the editor and publisher of the marketing and free advertising ezine "E-Power Marketing." Visit his free ad site at: http://www.freeadsgalore.com

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