7 Tips For Killer Headlines!

Written by /"Wild Bill/" Montgomery

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2) Testimonials in Headlines:

"I was down to my last cent, but now I'm making $1000 a week" "This is how I became a successful in Direct Marketing" "I needed extra money, now I'm making more than I ever expected"

3) "Testing Your Reader"

Vanity and Superiority are strong marketing and sales tools. Testing is but one use of these universal qualities:

"Pass this test to qualify" "Can you pass this Small Business Survival Test?" "If you pass this test, your dreams can come true"

4) "One and Two Word Headlines are Attention Grabbers!"

Examples of one-worders:


Examples of two-worders:


5) The "Don't Buy" Technique

This headline is effective because you are tellingrepparttar reader something their eyes don't expect to see. Don't Buy?

"Don't waste your money, Read This Report First" "Don't buy ......, until you have seen our prices" "Don't spend money needlessly. Get The Facts First"

6) Speak torepparttar 129763 Reader, not atrepparttar 129764 Reader

"I'll train you to be a success" "If you follow my program, I'll help you to success" "They thought I was crazy, after reading this, will you"

7) Specific Targeting

"Attention: Stay at home mothers" "To Part-Time workers who want to supplement their income" "Bread winners, coming up short lately? We can help you"

What I have shown you here arerepparttar 129765 top Headline Writing Techniques, all of which have worked for me inrepparttar 129766 past. I didn't give this word it's due credit above. Do you knowrepparttar 129767 all time, unbeatable, never-ending winner of headline grabbers? I'll bet you do. Of course it'srepparttar 129768 Super Power Word "FREE". This one Power Word is rightly known asrepparttar 129769 most powerful headline word past, present and future.

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Weaving words for the web

Written by Yvette Nielsen

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You don’t have to “surf” far onrepparttar web before striking poor writing, bad spelling or just plain offensive copy.

To secure our future and prevent mass bastardisation ofrepparttar 129761 English language, writers must promote their skills now and not be intimidated byrepparttar 129762 technology.

If you can use a word-processing program, you have enough technological know-how to write forrepparttar 129763 web. The emphasis is on “information” not “technology”.

Writing forrepparttar 129764 online reader requires more discipline than even journalism. The experts say people between 25% and 40% more slowly on screen asrepparttar 129765 eyes tire more quickly than on paper.

Web users will not tolerate long-winded prose, unless it’s for a literary site or on a topic in which they are deeply interested.

Writing for web sites is not simply a matter of rehashing existing print material –repparttar 129766 web is already clogged with so-called “brochureware”.

Clean, concise, active, purpose-written copy is essential torepparttar 129767 development of this new medium andrepparttar 129768 web writing profession as a whole.

If you haven’t yet taken your first dip in cybersurf, head to your local Internet café or library and takerepparttar 129769 plunge.

Even if you don’t want to weave words forrepparttar 129770 web, you’ll have a ball spinning yarns with other writers via chat rooms, newsgroups, web sites and email.

Like it or love it,repparttar 129771 future’s online.

Yvette Nielsen writes a popular weekly web site review column for Brisbane News magazine, has developed her own site at http://www.brizcomm.com.au, and conducts web content workshops on how to structure, write and promote sites. Subscribe to her weekly newsletter for free tips and site reviews at http://brizcomm.listbot.com. Email yvette@brizcomm.com.au

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