"7 Surprising Keys to Happiness"

Written by Colin G Smith

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5. Laughing at laughter.

Have you ever hadrepparttar experience when you just laugh for no good reason? Isn't it great! Laughter is one ofrepparttar 142115 best ways to lift your spirits. Can't think of anything funny? Try grinning at yourself insanely inrepparttar 142116 mirror and notice how difficult it becomes to control your giggle muscles!

6. Simple breathing meditation.

A great exercise that you can do anywhere is a simple breathing meditation. No need to dress in orange robes. Simply find yourself in a comfortable sitting position with your back straight. Now close your eyes and become aware ofrepparttar 142117 flow of air into and out of your nostrils. That's it! Do this for 10/15 minutes and you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised how you feel afterward.

7. Doodling just for fun!

Remember when you were young and you used to doodle with crayons for hours. Kids love drawing silly little pictures, why not adults? So get some pens, pencils, crayons or whatever you have and just draw - doodle away until your state of mind shifts.

You might agree that these are all pretty simple and that's what's so good about them. Making changes, mundane or profoundly life-changing, are easily and quickly achieved by putting into action simple ideas, methods, tools and techniques.

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6 Shared Factors of Successful Executives

Written by Jason Katzenback

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3. Enthusiasm, Industry, Persistence, Sin­cerity, and Self-Confidence: I know a man who spent a year trying to collect money to pub­lish certain literature to be distributed amongrepparttar boys inrepparttar 142101 trenches. He wished to convincerepparttar 142102 soldiers that they should worshiprepparttar 142103 Lord on Saturday instead of Sunday. He was enthusiastic, persistent, sincere, earnest, and self-confident. He was not a success.

4. Concentration, Determination, Honesty: There is a certain man who concentrates so intently on his work that he often forgets to eat and sleep; he's determined to win, and he is absolutely honest. He has been working seven years to invent a shirt which will not wear out, and which need not be washed. His honesty, concentration, and determination have not made him success­ful. He is in an asylum in Pennsylvania.

5. Memory, Self-Control, Tact, and Patience: I know a man who remembersrepparttar 142104 names of hundreds of people; he never confuses one with another. He has self-control, tact, and infinite patience. He has not succeeded greatly. He isrepparttar 142105 footman who opensrepparttar 142106 doors ofrepparttar 142107 limousines ofrepparttar 142108 women who shop at a certain department store.

6. Imagination: I know of a girl, who for ten years ran a machine in a shoe factory. When I once questioned her of what she thought each day during her work, she re­plied, " Oh, I just startrepparttar 142109 machine a-goin' and then I imagine I'm one of them duch­esses I read about inrepparttar 142110 novels.'' Since many character factors are helpful assets, but notrepparttar 142111 determining factors, what arerepparttar 142112 personal factors which make success certain?

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