7 Sure-Fire ways of reducing your home insurance premium

Written by Bill Smith

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How far isrepparttar fire station?

If you live more than 5 miles fromrepparttar 145247 nearest fire station and more than 1,000 feet from a fire hydrant, you can expect a higher premium. Also if you live inrepparttar 145248 country, you will probably pay higher insurance rate than if you were living inrepparttar 145249 city.

Type of construction:

The construction type of your home also plays an important role in determining your insurance premium. A wood frame home will cost more to insure thanrepparttar 145250 one built mostly of concrete.

Claims free record and renewal discounts:

If you have not had a claim under your current home owners policy forrepparttar 145251 past 3-5 years, you will get a 15% discount on your premium. Expect additional discount if your policy has been in force withrepparttar 145252 same insurance company for 3 years or more.


I am hopeful you have gained preliminary knowledge onrepparttar 145253 subject of home insurance premiums. With these helpful tips you will be able to understand and demand discounts on your home insurance premiums. Good Luck!

"@Copyrights 2005" - Bill A Smith is an insurance agent and insurance advisor for Sunshine home and auto insurance services. Bill has over 10 years of experience in providing insurance services to clients.

How to Get from Market Niche to Passive Income in Three Easy Steps: Step 1, Your Customers

Written by Kathy Gulrich

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• What would make you deliriously happy?

2 - How and where can you get your answers?

It’s easier than you may think. Here are some places to start:

• Call or meet with several of your clients and simply ask them

• Use your newsletter: Askrepparttar questions within an issue, or send out a special edition

• Create and use an R&D team

• Look atrepparttar 145246 helpful books/publications your clients and customers listed (section 1, above), and try to determine why they were selected

• Check your e-mail: What questions do your clients and customers ask you over and over again?

• If you know other coaches with a similar client base, ask them which questions come up most often with their clients

• Add an “Ask Kathy” page to your website, and invite readers to write in their questions (you can answer them online)

• Join online listgroups or discussion groups to learnrepparttar 145247 topics that capture your clients’ attention

3 - Rank your results

What arerepparttar 145248 top three topics, questions, or needs of your target audience? Write them down (yes, now).

Ifrepparttar 145249 product you create answers one - or more - of these questions, you're well on your way to success.

(More on this in my article, "How to Get from Market Niche to Passive Income in Three Easy Steps: Steps 2 & 3 - Makerepparttar 145250 Match," also available on this website.)

Kathy helps clients get from 'idea' to 'action' to 'results' more quickly, and more easily - whether they're looking to write a book, develop a new product, or market their product or business. Kathy's clients really appreciate her direct, no-nonsense approach.

In a nutshell? Kathy is all about taking action - and getting exceptional results. Learn more at http://www.smARTbusinessCoaching.com

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