7 Steps to Successful Telecom Audit Preparation

Written by Karen Thatcher

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Completerepparttar organization of your project by assigning priorities; definerepparttar 147210 sequence in which each will be studied, then assign responsibilities to each staff member or person involved inrepparttar 147211 audit.

Step # 4: Gather Customer Information

The next step is to gather information contained on two main sources: bills and contracts. Some situations may require examination of more specialized information. For now, we will focus on these two items.

All relavent bills must be obtained, whether monthly, quarterly, annual or intermittent. It is advised that 2-3 months ofrepparttar 147212 most recent bills be collected. Be sure to collect ALL bills that you have defined inrepparttar 147213 "size and scope" step above. These may include bills and contracts from:

*Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) *Interexchange Carriers (IXCs) *Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) *Directory Advertising *Leased or Equipment Rental *Maintenance or Service Agreements *Answering Services *Wireless/Paging Bills

Step # 5: Obtain Supplier Information

To complete a thorough audit or cost-reduction study, very specific information and data may be required fromrepparttar 147214 carriers and vendors. These may include:

*Customer Service Records (CSRs) *Nomenclature Translation (for USOC's or other items on CSR) *Rates/Tariff Pages *Duplicate Bills

Step # 6: Organize and Display Data

There are two reasons for systematically organizing and displayingrepparttar 147215 information that has been collected up to this point. 1) The process ensures that each cost element is considered, and 2) it directs future analyses intorepparttar 147216 most promising areas for cost-saving opportunities. The following types of data displays will be useful in many studies:

*Summary of Billed Accounts *Circuit Inventory *Inventory Forms *Calling Analyses *Private-line Summaries

Byrepparttar 147217 time you have organized and displayed collected data, your hypotheses list should have many items that now must be tested. Testing many of these will require a certain amount of surveys with users, although much ofrepparttar 147218 information you’ll need will be contained within CSRs andrepparttar 147219 actual telecom bills.

About the author: Karen Thatcher is President and CEO of TelCon Associates, a 32 yr. old telecom audit and bill management company. For free tools and help in reducing your corporate telecom expenses, visit http://www.telconassociates.com for more information.

Six Steps to Guarantee Your Business Success

Written by Rhiannon Williamson

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“Getting things accomplished isn't nearly as important as taking time for love.” - Janette Oke

No man is an island therefore your hopes, dreams, ambitions and goals should be shared with your loved ones and they need to give yourepparttar support and understanding required for success.

Starting a business is always challenging, it is at times stressful and it can take up a very large part of your life. If you explain what you’re doing and why you’re doing it to your loved ones they will give yourepparttar 147209 time, love and support you need to succeed.

Atrepparttar 147210 same time it is critical that you do not lose your perspective and fail to takerepparttar 147211 time necessary to love and care for your family. All too often you hear tired and stressed out businessmen and women complaining of a lack of spousal understanding, whining that they are working so hard directly forrepparttar 147212 benefit of said spouse – this creates disharmony and acrimony on both sides – what a waste of a great life!

Get everything in perspective and keep everything in perspective at all times, and bring your family and friends on board for guaranteed success.

5) Protect What’s Important “Happy isrepparttar 147213 man who can endurerepparttar 147214 highest and lowest fortune. He who has endured such vicissitudes with equanimity has deprived misfortune of its power.” - Seneca

To further deprive misfortune of its power you can put in place various insurance policies to protect yourself, your family, your current situation and your business from undue risk. Because there are no two ways about it, starting out on your own is a risky business – focus onrepparttar 147215 success of your business and follow these six steps and you will achieve all you want to. And inrepparttar 147216 interim protect what’s important to you – for example, think long and hard before mortgaging your family home to fund your company! Get business and personal indemnity insurance in place, make sure health and life insurance policies are in place protecting you, your family and any key employees.

But - don’t get hung up on this point because worrying unduly about risk will blinker your vision. Deal with this point and move on!

6) Face The Enemy - Deal Directly With Accountants & Lawyers

“Money is plentiful for those who understandrepparttar 147217 simple laws which govern its acquisition.” - George Clason

Every single business has to act withinrepparttar 147218 laws ofrepparttar 147219 countries it operates in and deals with and every single business has certain reporting and taxation requirements. These are definite hurdles designed to restrictrepparttar 147220 visionary, but they are necessary hurdles to protect a company’s consumers, a business’ partners and a country’s economy.

Takerepparttar 147221 time to establish a good working relationship with your company’s accountant and lawyer. Make sure your company is properly structured fromrepparttar 147222 start and that you fully understand and adhere to taxation and reporting deadlines and rules.

Know what is expected of you, understand why it’s important to followrepparttar 147223 rules and structures that have been put in place and have a system to deal with tax returns, pay runs, company disclosure and contract negotiations and remember: -

“Taxes are not good things, but if you want services, somebody's got to pay for them so they're a necessary evil.” - Michael Bloomberg

Use these six steps asrepparttar 147224 guide towards your business success and always strive to keep your vision alive because “vision is perhaps our greatest strength…it has kept us alive torepparttar 147225 power and continuity of thought throughrepparttar 147226 centuries, it makes us peer intorepparttar 147227 future and lends shape torepparttar 147228 unknown.” - Li Ka Shing

Rhiannon Williamson is the co-creator of Shelter Offshore - an innovative and exciting company which is specialist in international real estate, the offshore financial world and starting a brand new life or business overseas for expatriates, international investors and anyone dreaming of escaping the rat race and living an unrestricted life to the full.

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