7 Step Plan To Get Going With Networking

Written by Kevin Dervin

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Send them invitations to your events or open houses. Send them email or letters to share big news or success stories, especially anything of relevance to them or those in their networks of contacts. If you believe that you have valuable ideas, information and resources to share with others, then doesn’t this just make sense?

5. Work at GIVING referrals and sharing valuable information. That’s right, you need to be willing to GIVE before you get. That means you need to get to know other members and what makes a good prospect for them. What kinds of information might you have access to that could be useful to them?

You may initially think you don’t have much of value to share with others (besides your business and what you provide). Part ofrepparttar key to getting good at giving is to not make assumptions. For example, don’t assume that some basic resource (e.g., a web site) that you’re aware of is familiar to someone you might be talking to just because they arerepparttar 148022 “expert” in that field. Be willing to ask if they know aboutrepparttar 148023 resource and ready to share if they don’t.

Want to get better at actually giving referrals? Here’s a simple question to ask someone you’re connecting with. “How am I going to know when I meet a really good prospect for you?”

Justrepparttar 148024 fact that you are willing to explore giving will elevate your know, like and trust factor.

6. Focus on Quality, not Quantity, Quantity, Quantity. It’s not necessarily aboutrepparttar 148025 number of connections you make, but aboutrepparttar 148026 quality ofrepparttar 148027 ones you do make. Are they mutually beneficial, win-win relationships?

Quality connections will be identifiable because all involved parties will be actively sharing ideas, information, and resources. Yes, it is true that you need to spend some time and effort getting to knowrepparttar 148028 other person(s) and what’s important to them. But, you also need to be clear and actively thinking about what information or resources you want and need.

Staying in touch with and following up with a smaller number of quality relationships will generally be much more productive than trying to follow up with a larger number of superficial contacts.

7. Be persistent, but be patient. The goal of a networking event shouldn’t necessarily be to come away with prospects every time you go out, but to come away with great connections. Networking usually takes time to getrepparttar 148029 relationships developed and nurtured.

Don’t approach networking as a scary proposition or a necessary evil for being in business. Takerepparttar 148030 pressure off yourself and really focus on how you might be able to connect with someone you meet. Focus on them first and look for ways to be useful to them. As you become known as a connector you’ll eventually be ready to reap what you sow.

(c) - Kevin Dervin, KPD Marketing

Kevin Dervin is focused on helping businesses that are ready to grow, but struggle with how to consistently attract more clients. Visit http://www.proven-small-business-marketing-solutions.com for more great marketing information you can use in growing your business today. KPD Marketing http://www.abcdgrowth.com.

Put Your Marketing To The "So What?" Test

Written by Kevin Dervin

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Challenge all of your current marketing materials. Remember, it'srepparttar intended audience that counts. What's in it for them? Why should they care?

Listen, if your marketing is consistently generating allrepparttar 148021 high-quality leads you can handle, then don't change a thing. But if you haven't quite figured out how to generate a constant supply of leads for your service business, then you owe it to yourself to challenge your current marketing tools by putting them torepparttar 148022 "So What?" test.

Try these ideas:

* Challenge all of your marketing tools that aren't contributing to consistently generate leads for your service business - evenrepparttar 148023 ones that have worked inrepparttar 148024 past. Could you improverepparttar 148025 message and get a higher return? Put it torepparttar 148026 "So What?" test.

* Tryrepparttar 148027 X's and O's test (especially withrepparttar 148028 last letter you wrote). Mark an X every time your marketing piece mentions your name, company name, orrepparttar 148029 words "I" or "me". Mark and O every time it mentionsrepparttar 148030 prospects name, company name, orrepparttar 148031 word "you" or "your". Ifrepparttar 148032 X's out numberrepparttar 148033 O's, rewrite it before using it again.

* Try gathering up a group of people you can trust to give you very honest feedback. You're not just looking for proof readers, but individuals who will give you honest feedback on whether your materials passrepparttar 148034 "So What?" test.

* Be prepared for some negative feedback, but more importantly, be prepared to do something about it.

* Don't just accept opinions, but try to get down to realistic response. For example: "I think this part is too wordy and detailed." (opinion) versus "I got pretty lost and confused withrepparttar 148035 level of detail in this part." (response)

* Remember that it isrepparttar 148036 intended audience that counts. If it's not clear whorepparttar 148037 message is intended for when it's received, then how can it passrepparttar 148038 "So What?" test.

(c) - Kevin Dervin, KPD Marketing

Kevin is focused on helping businesses that are ready to grow, but struggle with how to consistently attract more clients. Visit http://www.proven-small-business-marketing-solutions.com for more information you can use to grow your business. Visit http://www.ABCDgrowth.com and subscribe to his free ezine.

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