7 Simple Steps To Achieving Your Goals

Written by M Sairam

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Step 3

Set your realistic goals based on your deep desires from step 2. Then go to step 4.

Step 4

Knowledge is power. Get educated. Take an inventory of your positive and negatives. Acquire skills necessary to fulfill your goals. Remember all skills are acquired. Proceed to step 5.

Step 5

Model experts in your field. Study them; analyze them. My preference to choose models who have passed on. You can have mentors who are living, but to emulate someone and choose them as your model, I prefer who have passed on, for I believe we never know how we finish our lives, but still can learn from their good and positives. Find a mentor. If possible, talk to them; ask them to teach you what you lack. This is very important step. Go to step 6.

Step 6

Now isrepparttar time to act. (Previous steps also you took action). This step is to put your goals into actionable little tasks you can do every day and monitor their progress. You can submit all your problems to your creative mind at night and it will work for you all throughrepparttar 149722 night and give answers inrepparttar 149723 morning, probably. Go to step 7.

Step 7

Be patient. Constantly improve yourself and help others improve themselves. Be detached ofrepparttar 149724 results. Have faith and eventually atrepparttar 149725 right time your desires will be fulfilled or you will get better than what you thought.

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8 Do's and Don'ts When Asking Your Boss for a Raise

Written by David A. Bailey, Jr

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Remember, he or she is paying you to do a certain job, and you’re asking for more money to dorepparttar same job. Be professional and polite at all times, and listen more than demand. Chances are, if your supervisor doesn’t award you a raise, they might hint at what else could be done to earn it. If they don’t, don’t be afraid to ask what steps would be necessary to “prove yourself”.

2. Threaten with quitting if you don’t getrepparttar 149665 raise or telling your boss you have another job offer unless you actually do. He may just call your bluff and let you go!

3. Stumble or beat aroundrepparttar 149666 bush with your request. Be straightforward and confident. You are a valuable member of a team andrepparttar 149667 supervisor hired you because they obviously thought you wererepparttar 149668 best qualified. If you have “Thank You” notes from customers or letters fromrepparttar 149669 company praising you for a job well done, bring those to your meeting as well, as they’ll help to cement your request and remind your supervisor of your role withinrepparttar 149670 company and its progress.

4. Compare yourself to, or talk negatively about your coworkers or others in a position higher than you. You may think that this will put you in a positive light when it comes to a promotion or a raise, but to your boss, it shows that if you have a poor attitude toward your colleagues, you’ll keeprepparttar 149671 same poor attitude if you are promoted.

Remember, be confident, professional and tactful. Ifrepparttar 149672 boss says “no” or wants to “think about it”, open his mind to further consideration by volunteering to do more atrepparttar 149673 office. Stay an extra hour or help another team on a critical project. This demonstrates that you’re willing to “towrepparttar 149674 mark” rather than giving your bossrepparttar 149675 impression of “gimmerepparttar 149676 money first and THEN I’ll work”. Good luck!

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