"7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales!" Part 4

Written by Bluedolphin Crow

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I have found it best to use "notepad" when beginning to write out my articles and NOT a word processing program. This way there is NO formatting inrepparttar article. It is justrepparttar 108374 article in plain text.

Another point here is to userepparttar 108375 word "you" a lot. You wantrepparttar 108376 reader to feel comfortable while reading.

Step 7: Include two to three free resources thatrepparttar 108377 reader can find online to illustrate and/or highlight your article content. Using this of course is only if it is appropriate to your article content.

Step 8: Write a resource box forrepparttar 108378 end of your article. Make this between 4 to 8 lines max. Here is where you tell a little bit about yourself and then highlight your website or email address. Seerepparttar 108379 bottom of this article for an example of a resource box. It isrepparttar 108380 information that follows, "aboutrepparttar 108381 author," below.

Step 9: And finally, with your article written it is time to reread and rewrite. I have found that reading it aloud and/or having one or two other people read it helps a lot at this stage.

Don't run into a problem many beginning article writers fall into. Many of them don't like something they wrote and try to begin again. STOP! Don't begin again. Simply edit aroundrepparttar 108382 copy that flows.

Step 10: Now last but definitely not least, reread your article for grammar mistakes and use spell check one last time! This ISrepparttar 108383 most important step.

Once your article is done you should dorepparttar 108384 following two things.

1. Submit your article to "article announce" services online. An article announce service is a email service that posts articles for everyone. You have to be a member to submit your article. Once you join you can post your articles as you have them completed. Usually only one article submission to each ofrepparttar 108385 announce services per day.

Writers, Publishers and Website owners watchrepparttar 108386 articles being announced for content that they can use.

When you join these services, it is best to use a second email address. This wayrepparttar 108387 large numbers of articles you will be receiving will not interrupt your personal and business email.

Here are a few article announce services to subscribe to. After you email them to subscribe, READrepparttar 108388 email they send you and FOLLOWrepparttar 108389 directions on formatting your article for each of them. This will increase your ability of having your articles published in these services.

I have listed only article announce services that are located at Yahoo eGroups. After you have subscribed and read each email you receive. Go to this URL to post your articles:


Article Announce groups:

Article Announce Subscribe: mailto:article_announce-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

AAInternet Subscribe: mailto:aainet-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Articles Archive Subscribe: mailto:articles_archives-subscribe@egroups.com

Free Content Subscribe: mailto:Free-Content-subscribe@egroups.com

NOTE: to subscribe simply send a blank email to each of repparttar 108390 addresses above.

Ok Great! Now its time to submit your article to online article archives and article directories. Article directories and archives are web sites that contain hundreds and thousands of articles from all overrepparttar 108391 world. Once you post your article at one of these locations your articles will be in front of thousands of readers, Publishers, writers and website owners.

Here are three to get you started:




Well that's it for today.

Thank you for reading. Have a great week!

Blessings Bluedolphin Crow

Bluedolphin Crow Ph.D. is a Native American with 6 years internet Marketing Experience and 20 years Sales and Marketing experience. The above article is an excerpt from her upcoming eBook: eBook-Marketing-Secrets-Revealed! To reserve your FREE copy before publication (A $49 value) send a blank email to: mailto:freeebook_7@sendfree.com "How to eBooks - Free eZine: mailto:how_to_ebooks@sendfree.com http://www.lostdazedandconfused.com

Why researching is good, and a failure to do so is not.

Written by Brian Holte

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Praise those accomplishments: The first thing I did was congratulate him for being a first time author.

Good topic, wrong market for low income earners: The topic he was covering was actually a good topic, but he realized afterrepparttar fact that he had probably created a dud for an ebook because ofrepparttar 108373 restrictions imposed on his target market...lack of access to purchasing power.

What would you do in his position?

His question to me was what he should do withrepparttar 108374 ebook. He had considered giving it away to people as an incentive for them to sign up for his newsletter, or sellingrepparttar 108375 ebook at $5.00 a copy. Indication of his problems: I assumed that because he only put a price tag of $5.00 onrepparttar 108376 book that he was either not comfortable withrepparttar 108377 content he placed inrepparttar 108378 ebook OR that he was selling himself short. I would assumerepparttar 108379 latter.


The collection of data, decision time. Once you’ve collected what you think is allrepparttar 108380 info required via surveys, it is now time forrepparttar 108381 decision making process

Why researchingrepparttar 108382 right wayrepparttar 108383 first time will save you hair loss and disappointment:

This is why doing a thorough job inrepparttar 108384 researching part of your work is so important. If he would have put a little more thought into who his target market was he wouldn’t have created a dud for an info product.

Lack of researching isrepparttar 108385 number one mistake that most new authors make, take your time researching...what’srepparttar 108386 rush?

Brian is a freelance writer and publisher of The Ebook King Chronicles. Brian’s goal is to give you more ideas for your next project, step by step. www.theebookking.com

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