7 Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Written by Jimsun Lui

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According to Internet Marketing Business Articles, to prevent your site from being regarded as “over optimization”, you should not stuff keywords heavily in your body content. We suggest that you should presentrepparttar keywords in a natural way. Apart from this, your website copy should have at least 200-250 words.

5. Ensure Clean Coding To allow search engines to index and analyze your website correctly, you must check correctness of HTML coding manually. Webmasters may build webpages from WYSIWYG HTML editors such as Microsoft Frontpage 2003, but these HTML editors may leave some duplicated or unnecessary tags in your copy especially when you editrepparttar 151204 pages very often during web design phase.

In addition, search engines are not good at understanding Java Applet and Flash. If you have Flash or Java applet navigation menu, make sure to duplicate somewhere and include HTML links as well.

Please also check whether your website has broken links. They may stop search engine spiders to crawl other web pages in your website, it may result in loss of hundreds or thousands website traffic per month, and waste your search engine optimization effort.

6. Link Building In case you have a little bit knowledge about search engine optimization, you likely know that link popularity is very important to attaining high search engine ranking in major search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc..

Yes, search engines use link analysis to determine search engine rankings. The phiolosophy is that if an inbound link points to your site, your site must have some value. Therefore,repparttar 151205 inbound link is regarded as a "positive vote" to your website. The more inbound link you have,repparttar 151206 higher is your link popularity. This can boost your search engine ranking.

However, quality of links (link reputation) is also important. If you can get an inbound link from a high popularity website, your site will get more benefit.

There are many methods to perform link building including seeking one-way link, reciprocal links, 3-way links, etc. Because link popularity and link reputation are of great importance to search engine positions, many search engine optimizers spend most of their time in link building.

7. Optimize Dynamic Website Content Search engines are not good at understanding dynamically generated web pages. Therefore, I suggest you should change your dynamic URL to static URL. If it is not possible, you should consider using some advanced search engine optimization techniques such as Mod-Rewrite to optimize website.

Another simpler way is to create a sitemap and list all dynamic URLs on it. This can help a bit.

Written by Jimsun Lui from Agog Digital Marketing Strategy Ltd., a company offers Search engine optimization and search engine positioning service, they are also developing Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

How I Build a Huge List of Opt-in Subscribers

Written by Bibi Liew

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Once you've done,repparttar next step is flood your auto-responder with subscribers. The fastest way to build a huge list of subscribers is signup for as many high quality lead generation sources as you can find. There are many online lead sources out there, you can check out on my website that provide high quality opt-in subscribers that work perfectly with your GetResponse auto-responder. This isrepparttar 151203 most important thing to grow with your business, and put your business into auto pilot.

You can sign up for either one, or all ofrepparttar 151204 list above and try it out. Choose a lead package that suits your budget. After you have create an account, you will need to set up your ads and let your GetResponse auto-responder do allrepparttar 151205 work for you.

"I don't have enough budget, is there any other ways to build an opt-in email list?" Yes. Create a form on your website and promote your website like crazy. Go to search engine and search for ezine directories and submit your ezine for as many as you can.

Before you submit, you need to create a unique title and description for your ezine, using a little bit of creativity. Don't name it "Internet Business Tips" or "Home Business Newsletter" or something common. I am using "How Bibi Learned to Work at Home" as my ezine title. Here's other example that you can play with but please don't copy exactlyrepparttar 151206 same.

The eBusiness-Insights.com Report, Bibi's Internet Income News, Bibi's eBusiness Gazette, Home Business Secrets.

Bibi Liew is a member of The International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs. She is also an editor and webmaster of eBusiness-Insights.com where she provide support and tips for Beginners who are serious to start their own Online Business.

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