7 Reasons to Pursue an Online Degree

Written by Rick Hendershot

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Third, online degree students have access to a very wide range of resources. Not only can you userepparttar entire internet as your library and research center, but most online degree programs make professors and teaching aids readily available. Correspondence takes place by email, and often students can participate in online forums with other students having similar interests or studyingrepparttar 146822 same courses.

Fourth, there is tremendous variety. You are not restricted to courses offered byrepparttar 146823 local college. You can study for your online degree through a school downrepparttar 146824 street or a college onrepparttar 146825 other side ofrepparttar 146826 world.

Fifth, you can usually work at your own pace. You are not locked into attending physical classes, so your pace of study will be much more flexible.

Sixth, your online degree course of study will usually be much less expensive than traditional classroom-based courses of study. Online degree programs do not involve classrooms, labs or physical buildings, sorepparttar 146827 costs are much lower.

Finally, there are many resources onrepparttar 146828 internet that can help you chooserepparttar 146829 best online degree course of study. Online degree directories list thousands of programs in every conceivable area of study, making your access to online degree information unlike anything we have known inrepparttar 146830 past.

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"Nature's Fireworks" - A Beginner's Guide to OPAL - Part 5 Types of Opal

Written by Stuart Bazga

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Matrix opal is when opal is infused inrepparttar rock in which it was formed. Veins of precious opal permeate sandstone or ironstone filling holes and crevices ofrepparttar 146821 host rock.

Synthetic Opal:

Synthetic opal asrepparttar 146822 name suggests, is produced inrepparttar 146823 laboratory and has a similar structure to that of precious opal.

The following observations can be made to differentiate between natural and synthetic opal:

a. Synthetic stones show brighter colours and larger colour patches;

b. In synthetic opal, colour grain boundaries are highly irregular;

c. Synthetic opal has a distinctive snakeskin patter;

d. The material shows a more ordered array of colour becauserepparttar 146824 intricate patterns of natural opal cannot be duplicated.

Rough Opal Parcels:

Rough opal parcels are sorted into three grades: Top, Middle and Low.

Each Top parcel has a King Stone (the best stone inrepparttar 146825 parcel). Colour isrepparttar 146826 primary criteria for grading.

You can buy rough opal in several different conditions:

a. Mine Run Directly fromrepparttar 146827 miner himself. These stones have not yet been cut or graded.

b. Off Cuts The miner has removed all marketable opal and you are sold what is left. With off cuts, you can usually tell what you are going to be able to cut.

c. Rubs The opal stones have been cut and ground into basic shapes, after having removed most ofrepparttar 146828 rubbish.

Andomooke Matrix:

A more porous opal found inrepparttar 146829 mining fields. Out ofrepparttar 146830 ground it is quite pale, but after treating it with a carbon dye process it looks like a real, black opal.

Yowah Nut:

This rare and unusual opal, up to 5 cm across, looks like a round or oval nut and is an ironstone formation.

Opal forms withinrepparttar 146831 nut either as a solid kernel or more commonly, in concentric layers infused withrepparttar 146832 host rock. The nut has to be split open beforerepparttar 146833 contents are revealed and it may be split so that mirror images are produced.

Opal Doublets:

Opal doublets, asrepparttar 146834 name suggest, is a thin layer of precious opal cemented onto a backing, usually a piece of black common opal or ironstone. Produced becauserepparttar 146835 opal is too thin to produce a solid stone, doublets are a cheap and inexpensive way to buy a colourful piece of precious opal withoutrepparttar 146836 cost involved of a solid.


Similar to a doublet, but has three pieces sandwiched together, with a thin piece of precious opal cemented to a backing and a clear quartz cap placed on top to protect and bring outrepparttar 146837 colour ofrepparttar 146838 opal.

That conlcludes part 5. Inrepparttar 146839 final instlament I have combined Parts 6 and 7. We learn how opal is valued and I have included a dictionary giving definitions of those terms and words which you may be unfamiliar with.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and as always, I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Best wishes and have a great day

Stuart Bazga


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