7 Reasons You Should be Writing Articles

Written by David McKenzie

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5. You could get yourself featured in a LARGE subscriber ezine. I have had a 500,000 subscriber ezine feature a couple of my articles and it increased my traffic by over 65% inrepparttar few days afterrepparttar 129341 articles were published.

6. As most ezine publishers do not write their own articles they are always looking for other peoples' articles. If you write articles you can get yourself featured in dozens of ezines.

7. You could get published in a book. Just last week a popular book featured one of my articles. Now that isrepparttar 129342 ultimate in free publicity!

Writing articles really works. I have written dozens of articles and it is my most successful marketing technique. It costs nothing and can increase your traffic and sales tremendously.

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`The Marilyn Scandal`/`The Other Side of Lennon`

Written by Sandra Shevey

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Interested publishers should contact her personally at sandra_shevey@yahoo.com

Sandra Shevey has authored both `The Marilyn Scandal` and `The Other Side of Lennon` which contains her l972 interview with the ex-Beatle.

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