Written by Bob Leduc

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A prospective customer will not buy from you until you remove all doubt in his or her mind that you can and will deliver exactly what you promise. Testimonials are a powerful tool you can use to accomplish this. They provide proof you've already delivered satisfaction to other customers.

TIP: Avoid using any claim that sounds exaggerated ...even if it's true. A bold claim creates doubt in your prospect's mind and jeopardizesrepparttar sale. Reduce any bold claims to a more believable level.


Customers usually make an emotional decision to buy. Then they look for logical reasons to prove their decision was a wise one. That'srepparttar 127292 time for you to talk about how long you've been in business, how experienced you are or how much research went into developing your product or service. It providesrepparttar 127293 logical reasons your customer needs to justify their emotional decision.


Did you ever walk out of a store empty handed instead of waiting in a long line for somebody to take your money. I have. Many buyers abandon their orders at online shopping carts instead of trying to figure outrepparttar 127294 confusing instructions.

It's a total waste to lose sales from ready buyers because repparttar 127295 buying process is too complicated or lengthy. Don't let that happen to you. Make sure your buying process is simple, easy and fast.

A prospective customer won't buy from you until all 7 of these questions are answered in his or her mind. Take some time now to review your web site and other sales tools. Do they clearly answer all of these questions? If not, revise them so they do. You'll see an immediate increase inrepparttar 127296 number of sales you get.

Bob Leduc is a Sales Consultant with 30 years experience in generating low-cost leads. He recently wrote a manual for small business owners, "How to Build Your Small Business Fast With Simple Postcards", and several other publications to help small businesses grow and prosper. For more info: Email: BobLeduc@aol.com Subject: "Postcards" Phone: 702-658-1707 After 10 AM Pacific Time/Las Vegas, NV

"Magnify Your Sales Letter's Potential By 50% Or More With A Technique That 95% Of Website Sales Letter's Aren't Using!"

Written by Mike Jezek

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You have a website business. And chances are, you have a 6-14 page website sales letter. To add a link on your website to a web page with a lift letter on it won't cost you a cent! How do you set up a lift letter?

Atrepparttar remaining last 2-3 closing paragraphs of your website's sales letter, simply add a link saying something like this: Still unsure? Click here. /Want more proof? Click Here. /Need another opinion? Click Here.

These links simply lead to a web page with a 1-2 page lift letter. You could even have a lift letter of 5 pages, as there are no set rules here. You can also place one of these links in a P.S. as well. Or even on an order page.

Tips for creating a compelling lift letter: It can simply be a long testimonial or endorsement. It can be in a memo format. It can be in a news release format. It can simply be a sales letter with someone else's signature atrepparttar 127291 end. The main point to remember here is that your lift letter needs to be signed by someone else other than you or your company to make your sales presentation more believable and persuasive. Go ahead and start testing a lift letter to see if it pulls in more sales for you. And tell me about your success.

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