7 Puppy Naming Tips

Written by Jennifer McVey

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At first glance, a couple things will stand out about your new puppy. Enjoy him or her for a day or two and take these into consideration. •Appearance. What’s your dog look like? His color, size, and personal style inspires a variety of name choices. “Stubbs” would be a great name for a dachshund pup. Or you may call a cream colored cock-a-poo “Buffy.” •Personality. Given a couple of days, your new dog’s personality will really shine through. Try “Cuddles” forrepparttar sweet little guy who loves to get cozy or “Puddles” forrepparttar 149664 pooch who can’t seem to findrepparttar 149665 doggie door. If you want to go beyondrepparttar 149666 basics, many famous dog names or foreign dog names can fitrepparttar 149667 bill. Consider these favorite puppy names when making your decision.•Celebrity puppy names. Today, pooches have more celebrity following than their famous owners. Chew on “Lola,” a name used by both Hilary Duff andrepparttar 149668 Osbournes. •TV dogs. “Scooby” and “Astro” come to mind if you want to honor a famous TV pup. •Movie dogs. Cool movies and cool dog names seem to go hand in hand. Cool Hand Luke’s “Blue” would be a fitting label for a variety of dogs. Or try “Bodie,” fromrepparttar 149669 weeper Steel Magnolias. •Comic dogs. “Snoopy” will always be a favorite, but also consider “Daisy” or “Odie.” •German dog names. For starters, try out “Fritz” or “Kaiser.” •Irish dog names. “Finn” fits well for any pup, as does “Murphy,” which just happens to mean “hound ofrepparttar 149670 sea.” •French puppy names. “Pierre” and “Gigi” are top contenders for any dog, especially those with a little oo-la-la in their genes. The choices are endless. However, with these simple tips and some thought, before long, you’ll have foundrepparttar 149671 perfect puppy name!

Want to find a puppy name? The author, Jennifer McVey, uses her free time searching for common and not-so-common names for your canine friends. As webmistress of www.favorite-puppy-names.com, she delivers a comprehensive dogs name list along with great naming tips to help make the puppy naming process easy and fun!

Preparing for Your New Pet

Written by Melanie Breeze

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•Grooming supplies- specific to your type of pet.

The specifics of course, depend onrepparttar type of pet that you choose. All animals need food and water daily, as well as a chance to exercise and play.

Findingrepparttar 149153 cheapest pet gear is easier than you think. Try shopping online forrepparttar 149154 biggest discounts. You can tryrepparttar 149155 larger chains like petsmart.com or you can try smaller specialty shops. Don’t forget to try auction sites like EBay.com. I like to go to Couponchief.com for coupon codes for almost everything I buy. They have a section dedicated to pet gear, and you may be able to save quite a bit on your pet gear. Look for free shipping deals to help sweetenrepparttar 149156 deal.

A new pet can bring a lot of joy into a family. Don’t break your budget buying pet gear. Bargain shop forrepparttar 149157 best deals, and buy only what you need. You can always buy more toys and treats as you find a good deal, so don’t worry about buying outrepparttar 149158 store onrepparttar 149159 very first day.

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