7 Poker Mistakes

Written by Rory Monahan

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The pros are SO MUCH BETTER at poker, that they are actually FOOLED by how BAD these new players are.

The pros are USED TO playing against other pros... which makes it difficult for them to even "remember" how to play against beginners.

Every card table is different. You need to learn how to adapt your game to each different situation...

Sometimes you'll have to increaserepparttar complexity of your strategy. Other times you'll need to "dumb down"repparttar 135509 strategy and only focus onrepparttar 135510 habits ofrepparttar 135511 players.

7. Not Getting Help.

You weren't BORN knowing how to play Texas Hold 'Em. You were TAUGHT how to play.

The problem is, most players never bother to take their skills torepparttar 135512 NEXT LEVEL, by getting professional instruction.

In less than a few hours, you can increase your skill at this game TREMENDOUSLY.

You can win more pots... night after night... and discoverrepparttar 135513 secrets to making tons of cash playing poker in your spare time.

I've been playing this game for over 13 years, and I can show yourepparttar 135514 way.

But it's up to YOU to takerepparttar 135515 next step.

Grab my E-Book today and start WINNING more Poker games starting NOW.

Here'srepparttar 135516 link for my E-Book:
Download This Special EBook - HERE

Download This Special EBook - HERE

Rory Monahan,

Professional Card Player

For over 13 years.

Hire A Magician? Definitions And Tips

Written by Noel Qualter

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Questions you may like to ask any prospective performer you are engaging are...

How long have you been a professional?

Some magicians may seem great on paper but as all know paper doesnít refuse ink. Experience isrepparttar key in this industry so make sure they have cut their teeth.

Can I see you perform?

The answer depends onrepparttar 135472 type of performer you are considering engaging. If itís a cabaret magician he may well work at comedy clubs where you can go and see him perform and close-up magicians often work at hotels, restaurants and bars asrepparttar 135473 resident entertainer several times a week. If itís open torepparttar 135474 public then go and see them work. However ifrepparttar 135475 performer works mainly at corporate events, weddings and/or trade shows you may find it impossible to see him work live as these are closed events.

Have you got a brochure/video I can see?

Most professional performers will have promotional kits including photographs, video and brochure. A good promo kit doesnít mean they are a good magician, it may just mean they know somebody who works at a printing press. A cheap and tatty looking promo kit doesnít definitely meanrepparttar 135476 performer is bad, but it does show a lack of professionalism and that is a warning sign. In this day and age some performers have no hard copy for promotional use as it dates so quickly so there website acts asrepparttar 135477 brochure. Ifrepparttar 135478 website looks like it was made from cut outs of magazines then they are not interested in making a good first impression. Would you trust somebody who didnít make a good first impression at your event?

Doesrepparttar 135479 price include VAT and any other charges?

When in negotiations donít forget to clarify if there as any other expense other than fee quoted.

What magic tricks do you do?

You should be able to gain a good idea ofrepparttar 135480 style ofrepparttar 135481 magician from any online or hardcopy brochure but if you want to know what kind of effects he/she performs Ė go ahead and ask!

Are you a member of any magic societies or performer bodies?

Many magicians will be members of different magic clubs aroundrepparttar 135482 world. Inrepparttar 135483 UKrepparttar 135484 most prestigious isrepparttar 135485 The Magic Circle where there are only 1500 hundred members world wide and you have to perform in front of experienced peers to gain membership. Again inrepparttar 135486 UK you will find many magicians are members of Equityrepparttar 135487 performs union which is another sign of their professionalism.

Have you got any referees I could phone?

This may seem like a reasonable question but a lot of magicianís work mainly inrepparttar 135488 corporate area and are not permitted to pass outrepparttar 135489 contact details of their bookers. You should be able to see testimonials and letters from clients onrepparttar 135490 websites/brochures. Of courserepparttar 135491 best way is personal recommendation; ask friends if they have ever hired a magician.

Have you got public liability insurance?

This is crucial. The magician will be in close contact to your guests and maybe borrowing objects from them for effects. You donít want to end up with a magician who isnít covered!

I hope this all helps to give you a better idea ofrepparttar 135492 different types of magic that are available for you to hire for your next event and what to look out for when hiring.

I'm a 28 year old full time professional close-up magician in London, UK. I have been a full time magician for 5 years and I work at corporate events, banquets, balls, private parties and weddings performing magic all over the UK. London Table Magician

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