7 Keys in Getting Your Prospects to Act

Written by Ray L. Edwards

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that it is free. This is important because you want repparttar person to place value on your bonus. (You'll notice that in allrepparttar 117322 bonus ebooks that I've given through these articles that I first tell yourepparttar 117323 value of them -and even go out of my way to proverepparttar 117324 value sometimes.) 4. Authority - People will listen to you if they see that you have authority on your subject. There was a TV commercial that used this line - "My son-in-law recommended that I take _____ for my heartburn. Why should I listen to him you say? He's a doctor". You may think that you do not have authority on what you are advertising. In this case appeal to authority figures - quote from a respected journal, expert ... you getrepparttar 117325 idea. 5. Commitment - If someone has made a PUBLIC commitment to something then they are more likely to follow through. Find some way of getting someone to make a commitment and h or she's more likely to follow through than if they did not That's why any motivational trainer would tell you that it' important to WRITE your goals down -you are more likely to complete them! Just today I received a sales letter inrepparttar 117326 mail for which I had to send for free information. My physical act o commitment was to peel a nice red label marked "free" and place it in a designated spot onrepparttar 117327 mail back card. Now yo know why they make you do this little silly stuff. Only if weddings workedrepparttar 117328 same way! 6. Your 'likability' - People would respond to your offer if they like you. It's hard to sell to someone to whom you have no relationship even if it's just a 'perceived' relationship. This is one ofrepparttar 117329 most overlooked areas of marketing onrepparttar 117330 Internet. The Internet can seem a little cold sometimes. I've found that even after making email contact with my prospect I still have to make voice contact before they sign up for my offers. Atrepparttar 117331 same timerepparttar 117332 Internet is a wonderful tool t build relationships through emails, message boards, instant messages ...repparttar 117333 list goes on. It's a known fact that someone would buy from you if THEY think that YOU like them. Give people value, more than they expect and you have a customer for life! 7. The eternal "what's in it for me?" principle - As your prospect read your ad this isrepparttar 117334 question they are seeking an answer to. Make sure that you give them plenty of answers. Appeal to their desire for recognition, wealth, better health, and security -yes all those nice things on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - allrepparttar 117335 way up to self-actualization. (Check out a Psychology 101 text book if you are not familiar with Maslow -you will glad you did.) But do not forget to appeal to their FEAR of pain and loss. Field research has shown that people are more responsive to loss than gain. Be sure to show them what they would LOSE if they don't get your product. Read through your ads again and see if these buttons are pressed!

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What Baby Chicks Can Teach You About Handling Your Prospects.

Written by Ray L. Edwards

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Anyway, after recovering from this `e-blow' I replied torepparttar email suggesting thatrepparttar 117321 sender did NOT makerepparttar 117322 purchase. In fact I insisted that he saved his money so he'll not be ripped off. I was not fully prepared forrepparttar 117323 reaction. He wrote back this time giving his name and said that he was only `joking'. Needless to say he boughtrepparttar 117324 ebook.

Some Copywriters refer to this technique as "Intimidation". If you act as though you do not really care aboutrepparttar 117325 sale you're more likely to makerepparttar 117326 sale! This is because you immediately placerepparttar 117327 prospect onrepparttar 117328 defensive.

So what do baby chickens have to do with all this? You see I've learned from handling baby chickens that if you squeeze too tightly you can suffocaterepparttar 117329 little feather bundles. Yet atrepparttar 117330 same time, if you open your hands fully they will jump out. You have to masterrepparttar 117331 art of `not too tight but not too loose either'.

If you paraderepparttar 117332 fact that you don't need your prospects you're holding them too loosely. But if you chase them down and keep pounding at them with emails or phone calls then you can suffocaterepparttar 117333 purchasing life out of them. A balance must be struck and only experience will teach you that balance.

At first I was too aggressive and they ran away. Then I simply ignored these prospects as just plain losers. Finally I foundrepparttar 117334 middle ground and it simply said; "I want you but I don't need you."

When you think about it, gaining a new customer isn't too different from winningrepparttar 117335 heart of your one true love. If you're too aggressive and send very expensive gifts for every occasion your lovebird will likely be scared away. Just skip some phone calls from your usual schedule and you'll have her wondering (that's another word for `thinking') about you.

And trust me, it works just as well with your prospects as it does with your potential life partner. I know I've been happily married now for 8 years and counting!

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