7 Key Items To Include in your Email Signature File

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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4. Phone Number. Email is great, andrepparttar web is nice, but people often like to connect with you at a different level. Make sure they haverepparttar 109691 information so they can! If you have a toll free number, consider adding it (and letting people know that it is toll free). If your toll free number but is only available in your home country, either leave it out, or note where it will work. Remember your fax number too! 5. Statement of Mission or Purpose. If your business has a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) include it here. This is a short sentence that differentiates you from others in your business. If you don't have a USP yet (create one!), include a descriptive tagline about you and your business. 6. A Reason why they should contact you now. If you have written an effective article or post, suggest an additional resource you could provide to them, or a way you could help them. Make sure they know how to quickly request this additional help. 7. Ways to Read More. If you produce an ezine, let people know that it exists and how to subscribe. Again, make it easy with a hyperlinked email address (see number two above) or a URL to subscribe fromrepparttar 109692 web.

Overall, while there are no hard and fast rules regarding your signature file, there are some guidelines. Your "sig" in your everyday emails might be shorter - not containing each ofrepparttar 109693 items above, while sigs for your article or posts may be longer. Use your good judgment, use this list of guidelines, and experiment to find what works best for you.

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Hey, Watch Your Tone!

Written by Merle

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3) If you feel as if you cannot fully explain yourself in a message, tellrepparttar other person to call you at their convenience. Don't demand; ask nicely and say "thank you."

4) Always answer your e-mail within 24 to 48 hours. Not responding promptly shows a lack of interest on your part and is definitely unprofessional. By showing such a lack of respect you may easily angerrepparttar 109690 party who's been trying to get in touch with you. If you'll be away on vacation for any length of time set up an autoresponder that answers your mail and notifiesrepparttar 109691 sender that you are away and when you'll return. If you don't know how to do this call your ISP for assistance.

5) Always spell check every message for accuracy. Bad spelling and grammar in a message can make someone form an opinion of you from that message, and it's not a good one.

6) Also never type in all caps as it means you ARE SCREAMING at someone. It's considered very rude.

E-mail is a quick and convenient way to communicate, but it's important that your messages are received as you intended. By following these tips when dealing with your e-mail you'll be thought of as a professional and a pretty nice person as well!

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