7 Key Email Marketing Tactics

Written by Dan Thies

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Tactic Five: Build Your Own Mailing List. One ofrepparttar most important parts of our strategy is to build your own opt-in list of customers and prospects. Over time, this list will become a serious source of revenue, and a vital strategic asset for your business. It costs little or nothing to mail to your own list, and sharing your knowledge through a newsletter will help you build a loyal following.

Tactic Six: Never Stop Testing. You should always be testing, making small changes to your ad, your offer, your website, maybe evenrepparttar 109603 price of your product, to findrepparttar 109604 right combination. It's not uncommon to double or triplerepparttar 109605 total conversion rate overrepparttar 109606 course of a 3-month email marketing campaign. Little gains add up to big profits over time.

Tactic Seven: Offer A Well Targeted Bonus For Responses. It's often helpful to offer a free bonus in your e-zine ads, as an incentive to respond. Be mindful of what you're offering, though. After all, if you give away $10,000 anyone will respond. Onrepparttar 109607 other hand, an offer of free Palm Pilot software will only attract people who own Palm Pilots. Use your bonus to targetrepparttar 109608 people you want to respond.

While these seven tactics are a good starting point, it's impossible to reduce email marketing to a single 600-word article. A good starting point for more information isrepparttar 109609 About.com guide, at http://email.about.com/cs/emailmarketing

I wish you success.

Dan Thies has been helping his clients (and friends) promote their web sites since 1996, and operates a successful online publishing business. His latest book, "Search Engine Optimization Fast Start," is available now at http://www.cannedbooks.com

How To Build Your Money-Making Email List

Written by Kevin Nunley

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3. Create a contest and have people subscribe to your newsletter as a requirement for entry. Of course, you will give them a chance to unsubscribe afterrepparttar contest is over, but most will opt to keep receiving your messages.

Now let me get all gloomy and say a few words about purchasing lists of names. Lists of addresses you buy, even fromrepparttar 109602 best of sources, usually don't work very well. For some reasonrepparttar 109603 immense power of an email list doesn't kick in until people learn about you, THEN sign up to get your information. It doesn't work very well to send information to people who have never heard of you. You can send and send until you're blue inrepparttar 109604 face and very few will ever buy anything.

OK, all sounds good. But where do you getrepparttar 109605 information to send to your list? "Kevin, you're a WRITER. This stuff is easy for you. But I HATE to write!" I can hear you cry. And that's exactly why you should use my articles, orrepparttar 109606 articles of any other writer who will let you (and most will if you also include their contact information atrepparttar 109607 end ofrepparttar 109608 article).

Subscribe to lists that coverrepparttar 109609 same kind of information you do. When you see a great article, emailrepparttar 109610 author and ask for permission to reprint it. You can also paraphrase information you find. Just putrepparttar 109611 information in your own words.

List building is highly effective, but it's not a get-rich-quick method. It often takes a full year to get your list up torepparttar 109612 point where it starts getting results for you. It could take several years before it becomes a source of income that seriously changes your lifestyle. But inrepparttar 109613 scope of things, that's a pretty quick way to achieverepparttar 109614 success you deserve.

Kevin Nunley started his email list in 1996 and sends his subscribers information like this every week. Subscribe and see his hundreds of helpful business articles at http://DrNunley.com Reach Kevin at kevin@drnunley.com or 801-328-9006.

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