7 Important Tips on Investigating a Business Opportunity

Written by Angela Wu

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__Are Claims and Testimonials Verifiable?

Is contact information provided so that you can verify a testimonial? Can you find people who actually make whatrepparttar opportunity claims you can make?

Don't take income claims too seriously. Everyone's different, and although one person may think it's a perfect opportunity, it might not be for YOU. A blanket statement of 'You can make up to $5000 a month or more' can be safely ignored. A statement of AVERAGE earnings is more useful.

Exercise caution if an opportunity 'guarantees' that you can make money. How could they possibly know? It is completely beyond their control; it's your efforts, your skills, and your motivation that determine whether or not you'll make money.

__How'srepparttar 102119 Service?

One thing I like to do is ask a bunch of questions by email or phone (they DO have contact information posted, right?). If they answer me quickly, courteously, and in detail, that's another point for them. Emails that are ignored or phone calls not returned are a bad sign; if they treat YOU that way, how do they treatrepparttar 102120 rest of their customers? Why are they hiding?

But keep in mind that just because they may answer your emails or phone calls, that does NOT necessarily mean that they're 'legit'.

__Doesrepparttar 102121 Opportunity Fit YOUR Interests?

There's no point in doing something you hate (heck, some of us left JOBS that we hated - we don't need to start a business that we also hate!). For example, if you would rather dig out a tooth with a butter knife than sell face- to-face, then don't join a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) opportunity. If you love talking to people, look into something like party planning, children's book sales, etc. If you'rerepparttar 102122 quiet, shy type, look for opportunities that will allow you to work nose-to-nose with your computer most ofrepparttar 102123 time. You getrepparttar 102124 idea.

Sure, it's time-consuming to do all this investigative work. But it's a necessity: prudence and planning now may pay off by saving you money and frustration later.

There's simply no such thing as a simple 'business in a box'. However, there are many legitimate opportunities, both from other companies and those of your own dreams. Happy huntin

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I Had a Dream

Written by Rick Beneteau

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See, we all have been attacked by these terrorist thugs. In my case, I let them change not only my thinking process butrepparttar patterns in MY life! I just *had* to follow every breaking story, see every related interview, stay on top of every detail ofrepparttar 102118 'war on terrorism' and otherwise remain a slave torepparttar 102119 chaos these demons created. I was getting my routine work done but that was all. I had NOT been my progressive, creative and otherwise normal self since September 11. Partial victory, Osama!

For some reason though, this twisted dream made me realize that I hadrepparttar 102120 option NOT to be a victim and play intorepparttar 102121 blood stained hands of these devils on earth.

So I made some decisions. I am no longer staying tuned torepparttar 102122 play-by-play ofrepparttar 102123 War on Terrorism. I'm going to do something fun with my family this weekend and every weekend thereafter. And, I AM back to work on a new project that was "inspired" byrepparttar 102124 great tragedy of September 11. And boy does it feel great!

I am now getting on with business and my life. Something so many of us have to do a much better job of. When you really think about it, being all-consumed byrepparttar 102125 events ofrepparttar 102126 recent future only plays intorepparttar 102127 hands ofrepparttar 102128 thugs that are trying to destroy all that is good in this world. Psychological terrorism is potent and an awfully easy infection to catch butrepparttar 102129 good news is you're a decision or two away from a cure!

Yes, we are in a war. A war of good versus evil. Right against wrong. Love against hate. World War III? No way! We all know who's going to win this thing and it's just a matter of time. The same time we can be putting to use in ways that make *us* contribute torepparttar 102130 coming victory! Allowingrepparttar 102131 fear thatrepparttar 102132 terrorists have created to dominate our thinking, stop us from living our lives normally and moving forward in our businesses and careers is in reality hoistingrepparttar 102133 white flag torepparttar 102134 evil we are fighting!

We owe it to ourselves, our families, our businesses and our free nations to get back to normal in these unnormal times. Like, right now! May I suggest takingrepparttar 102135 family to your favorite restaurant and a movie this weekend? How about planning a well-deserved trip, even if by car and even if just a weekender? Doesn't a leisurely excursion to your local mall to treat yourself to something you've wanted for a long time sound good? And by all means, if you have been swimming inrepparttar 102136 same soup as I have for weeks now, make a decision to get back to work!

I urge you to put an end to whatever level of shutdown you may still be in. Hopefully you were more enlightened than me, and dug out early. But if not, beginrepparttar 102137 process of "letting go" of those things you can't control and take possession of what you can - Your Life!

I've started that process and I can't begin to explainrepparttar 102138 great sense of freedom I have. The same feeling I had before that terrible day none of us will ever forget.

Rick Beneteau is the highly-acclaimed author of 3 top-selling eBooks guaranteed to put you on the fast track to e-success: http://www.interniche.net/ebooks.htm

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