7 Hassle-Free ways to buying a new car

Written by Prashant Desai

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7.At this point, you are already getting a great deal onrepparttar car you want, so you can always go back to that dealership and buyrepparttar 144357 car at that price, which is probablyrepparttar 144358 lowest price in town.

The advantage of this process is that, you’re not engaging in much face to face negotiation withrepparttar 144359 car dealer, since you already have some facts to share likerepparttar 144360 new car price quote and invoice price.

However,repparttar 144361 disadvantage of this is thatrepparttar 144362 car dealer who maderepparttar 144363 lowest new car price quote on www.autoauctionbids.com, will pretty much berepparttar 144364 lowest price you would pay forrepparttar 144365 car.

You may be leaving money onrepparttar 144366 table unless you keep going back and forth from dealership to dealership to see if they would beat you new low new car price quote.

An alternative to this andrepparttar 144367 ultimate hassle free way to buying a new car would be to continue negotiating onrepparttar 144368 Internet. AutoAuctionBids.com allows buyers to send backrepparttar 144369 lowest price quote received for a particular car to all participating dealers.

The car dealers can view this lowest new car price quote and submit a lower quote. Another participating dealer can view this new low price and submit an even lower price.

This can go on for up to 3 days and atrepparttar 144370 end ofrepparttar 144371 car auction, buyers can contactrepparttar 144372 lowest bidding car dealer and buyrepparttar 144373 car most ofrepparttar 144374 time at below invoice price.

The best part of it all is that you can conduct 3 separate auctions for all 3 competing cars absolutely free, with no obligation to buy atrepparttar 144375 end ofrepparttar 144376 auction.

In summary, remember all new car price quotes are different and car dealers will make a hefty profit if you cannot provide facts about competing dealer new car price quotes and competing car models new car price quotes. Collect these prices first and no negotiation will be required.

Prashant Desai, author of various consumer tips articles and industry expert for AutoAuctionBids.com. Email him at p_desai@autoauctionbids.com to sign up for e-Newsletter and visit www.autoauctionbids.com for more information.

eBay Motors : Buy or Sell a Car on eBay

Written by John Lenaghan

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Sell Your Vehicle with an eBay Auto Auction

Do you have a car or truck that you want to sell? You might want to take a look at selling it on eBay Motors. You can reach many, many more people, than you can using traditional car sales methods, such as newspaper listings and large used car dealerships. Some people even make their livings entirely off of selling cars on-line.

eBay Motors isrepparttar largest seller of used cars inrepparttar 144196 United States. You can reach people across town or acrossrepparttar 144197 country, which would be next to impossible using traditional methods of selling a car. Would you rather park it in front of your house forrepparttar 144198 people driving by to see, or park it on eBay where millions of people “drive by” every day?

John Lenaghan writes about eBay and other online auctions for the Online Auction Advisor website, where he writes about things such as dropshippers, how to make money on eBay and many other auction-related topics.

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