7 Great Tips To Save Money on Car Parts and Maintenance

Written by Ispas Marin

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4. Using steel-belted radial tires can increaserepparttar number of miles you make per year by up to 10%, saving this way about $130 per year.

5. Most cars, don't work better on premium gas, so, unless your car is pinging or knocking you shouldn't use higher octane gas. If your car doesn't have a high performance engine, usingrepparttar 150548 gas that best suits your car's engine can save you $200 to $400 per year.

6. Having under inflated tires makes your engine burn about 6% more gas so make sure you check your tire pressure regularly.

7. If your tires are improperly balancedrepparttar 150549 tread on them will be destroyed. In addition, your suspension and shock absorbers can be damaged leading to more expense on car parts and service. Balancing your tires once a year can add thousands of miles to their life.

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Ten Tips on Choosing Your Irish Driving Instructor.

Written by Robin Piggott

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5.Ask what make and modelrepparttar Driving School car is. There are many models in use by Driving Schools and of course all Instructors tend to have their own particular favourites. Diesel models are extremely economical forrepparttar 150391 Instructor who lives inrepparttar 150392 country and who does a lot of mileage. Diesel models are onrepparttar 150393 increase due to their improved performance over past years and their economy. They also hold their value well and while a little more expensive to maintain they go on for ever if looked after.

6.Askrepparttar 150394 Instructor whether or not country road and high speed carriageway Driving are include inrepparttar 150395 Teaching Syllabus. These form a large part of your every day driving in Ireland and are very important skills to have right fromrepparttar 150396 start. Ask yourselfrepparttar 150397 question...are you going to be spendingrepparttar 150398 bulk of your driving career, driving around your local area or into town and back; or are you going to be visitingrepparttar 150399 Coast, going on Holiday torepparttar 150400 far reaches ofrepparttar 150401 country or even Dublin. Of course you are; after all isnít this why you are buying a car inrepparttar 150402 first place? If you are only concerned with transporting yourself within your local area itís much cheaper, believe me, to hire a Taxi!

7.Ask your proposed Instructor does she or he give Motorway Tuition. While we donít haverepparttar 150403 same level of Motorways here in Ireland, as inrepparttar 150404 U.K or Europe, we do have stretches between major cities and particularly inrepparttar 150405 Dublin area and of course overrepparttar 150406 coming years there will be many more miles of Motorway I am sure. These marvels of Engineering require a higher degree of skill and lots of practise in your car before one can safely negotiate Dublin or abroad. This is why Learner Drivers are not permitted on Motorways. We are lucky here in Limerick, in that we have a new ring road carriageway, spanning about 20 miles which is identical in layout and signage to a Motorway apart fromrepparttar 150407 speed limit andrepparttar 150408 colour of said signs. Perfect for legal high speed Motorway style practise within five minutes or so drive from most parts ofrepparttar 150409 City.

8.Most Driving Schools will usually book lessons at least a week ahead, so donít expect to ring up and get a lesson that day or evenrepparttar 150410 next. Occasionally if you are lucky, andrepparttar 150411 School has a vacant slot they will take you but itísrepparttar 150412 exception rather thanrepparttar 150413 rule. Ifrepparttar 150414 School canít take you for a week be patient it will be well worthrepparttar 150415 wait.

9.A good Driving Instructor will ask you for a fair bit of information onrepparttar 150416 phone in order to gauge your level of skill. He or she will ask questions that may not seem relevant, when all you, as a pupil want to do is to get behindrepparttar 150417 wheel .Believe me they will be; they will all be designed to build up your driver profile and should not be construed as being nosy!

10.A Professional Instructor will take with a pinch of salt your efforts at explaining just how well you can drive and how you only need a bit of practise here and there at reversing or hill starts. Donít be defensive, you are about to learn one ofrepparttar 150418 most important life building and life saving skills. A good Instructor will not venture out in your own car, if you already have one, until he or she has seen your capabilities or you have described in great detail your experience. eg. one years driving and getting ready to sitrepparttar 150419 Driving Test.

This isrepparttar 150420 first in a series of ďTen TipsĒ to better and safer Driving.

Robin Piggott has spent a lifetime at the Wheel.He runs Astral Driving School in Limerick,Ireland.Visit the web site and blog if you are planning to visit Ireland. http://www.astralmotoring.ie http://astralmotoring.blogspot.com

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