7 Golden Rules For Building Mini Sites

Written by Janis Rae Searcey

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5. Get a domain name for each product you are selling - There are web hosts that are offering cheap rates for more than one domain name. Do a search and you should be able to find prices as low as $8.00-$9.00 per domain name.

6. In your pay-per-click advertising, buy a number one and a number two position for your product - This will ensure that you are at least atrepparttar top ofrepparttar 145461 search with one of your pay-per-click ad campaigns.

7. From your affiliate page, don’t come on with a hard sell. Leave that forrepparttar 145462 site you direct your visitors to - You want to soft sell your customers once you get them to your site. Make sure to give your customers plenty of benefits. Be specific aboutrepparttar 145463 benefits and directrepparttar 145464 customer towardrepparttar 145465 "buy".

There you have it. These are excellent starters to get that affiliate site up and running and pulling inrepparttar 145466 profits.

Remember to ask yourselfrepparttar 145467 following questions when deciding on your affiliate product andrepparttar 145468 advertising.

“Exactly who will this product or service appeal to? Who will buy it?”

Try to put yourself in their place. If you think like your buyers do, you’ll be able to set up your mini site to appeal to them and them alone.

To your affiliate success.

Janis Rae

I love a good niche, especially one that will produce great profits. Learn to find whererepparttar 145469 profits are and you’ll findrepparttar 145470 products and niches that produce. http://alwaysads.com/x.php?adminid=1773&tid=5948

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The Whole Truth,

Written by sylvia white

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You may findrepparttar numbers that join will drop, but those that do join will be more likely to upgrade when they have studiedrepparttar 145173 information. Never promise that they will earn thousands in a couple of months unless you know it is a possibility. Tell themrepparttar 145174 truth, If it has taken you six months to reach a reasonable level then be honest tell them. No one expects to earn thousands of dollars after only a couple of months, most people will be content if they are covering their subscription as long as their business is growing. If facts and figures were explained truthfully businesses would flourish and people really would be able to earn a good living onrepparttar 145175 internet because they would have more trust in what they are reading.

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