7 Formulas for Writing Articles That Get Read!

Written by Alexandria Brown

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3. The "Straw Man" Here you set up a premise and knock it down, showingrepparttar benefits of your alternative view or approach. This is ideal to use when you're discussingrepparttar 129712 drawbacks of a new practice or method that's controversial right now. Here's a great example we often see onrepparttar 129713 covers of health magazines: "Are High Protein Dietsrepparttar 129714 Key to Fast Weight Loss?" You get all excited, thinking you've discovered an amazing dieting revelation. Butrepparttar 129715 article reveals, point by point, that high protein diets are unsafe forrepparttar 129716 long term, and that of courserepparttar 129717 only reliable way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. Oh well! Back torepparttar 129718 treadmill....

4. The Mini Case Study Raise a provocative question and then answer it with three or four real-life examples. Example: For an article titled, "Should You Quit Your Job and Go Freelance?" you could begin with a few stats on how today's workforce is leavingrepparttar 129719 corporate world in search of solo bliss. Then you could feature a few real cases, each with different outcomes to show all sides ofrepparttar 129720 issue.

5. The Interview Choose a credible expert to interview for your article. For example, if your topic isrepparttar 129721 latest trends in banking, you could interview a top banking industry analyst. Present it in either a traditional article format or do a Q&A format.

6. The Trend Trends aren't just for fashion! Whenever a trend sweeps a certain profession, you'll suddenly see dozens of articles coveringrepparttar 129722 topic. Fromrepparttar 129723 latest hairstyle torepparttar 129724 latest tax shelter, people want to know all about these trends - their origins, benefits, and drawbacks.

7. The Study Finding These articles reportrepparttar 129725 results of a study or survey. If you do a bit of research, you can probably dig up a recent study on which you can base your article. Examples: "Blue Chip Companies Cutting Marketing Budgets Acrossrepparttar 129726 Board," "Armadillos Now Deemed America's Favorite Pet," and "More 20 Somethings Finding Love Online."

Hope these ideas got your juices flowing! Let us know if you need any help developing angles for *your* articles.

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Ten Top Reasons Authors Need a Web Site

Written by Judy Cullins

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6.Increase your existing sales channels, such as post cards, talks, book signings, or radio interviews where you do business with an 800 free order telephone number. Offer improved customer service and support because so many people like to buy Online.

7.Reduce support costs. You would spend far more on rent for a real office and need more equipment and furniture plus more support staff. Online marketing is far easier, cheaper and more effective thanrepparttar mail, telephone or fax.

8.Reducerepparttar 129711 cost of doing business. In your home-based virtual office, you will have much less overhead. For eBooks, you won't have to spend time or money on postage, packaging, or mailing. You reduce your dependence on other sales channels such asrepparttar 129712 brick and mortar bookstore, which only take your book through a distributor or wholesaler. All of these folks take a hefty percentage to greatly reduce your profits--up to 90%. Online bookstores will accept your eBook or print book readily by your filling our a few forms and agreements.

9.Increase your profits up to ten times. When you sell your eBook or product to an Online Book-selling site, you may receive a commission up to 70%. When you sell your print books Online, they will give you around 30% royalties delivered by check every few months. These monies supportrepparttar 129713 author, notrepparttar 129714 unwieldy publishing monolith who spends most of its time and money on big-ticket authors.

10.Reduce your marketing time because email communication is short, fast, and gets torepparttar 129715 point quickly. You don't have to spend time buying stamps and special envelopes and stationery. With a virtual assistant, you can look like Barnes and Noble reaching many thousands of Online buyers by putting ongoing attention and maintenance on your site.

If you are like me, you will enjoy keeping track of your increasing sales each month. You will enjoy staying in touch with your buyers. When they order on your site you can keep track of them, put them in your address book, and send them follow up information, free bonuses and requests.

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