7 Easy Steps To A Home Based Business!

Written by BB Lee

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3. Legal Issues. -Check local zoning laws. -Deciderepparttar legal form of your business.(sole, partnership, corporation) -Get a business license. -Register your new business name. -Find out if you need special type of licensing for your business.

4. Financing. -Set up a bookkeeping system. -Open a business account at your bank. -Decide if you need liability insurance. -Plan how much you will invest to cover startup expenses.

5. Home Office. -Use a corner of your bedroom, a basement, attic, even a completely furnished private office-if you haverepparttar 117314 space.

6. Marketing. -Establish your business name. -Get business cards. -Get professional quality letterhead. -Getrepparttar 117315 best stationery you can afford. -Print flyers announcing your new business. -Print brochures. -Set up a one page website announcing your business.

7. Get To Work! Set up a work schedule and stick to it. If you decide to work afterrepparttar 117316 children are in school. And quit before they arrive home inrepparttar 117317 afternoon. (9 inrepparttar 117318 morning to 3 inrepparttar 117319 afternoon)

Stick to it!

Strive to work at least 10 hours per week. More if you haverepparttar 117320 time, energy, and drive to succeed.

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"Who wants to Be a Millionaire?"

Written by George Papazoglou

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Naturally, there are numerous characteristics that if we had to analyze in this article, it would take several hundreds of informational pages - a task, or better a mission which I'll better leave for Mr. Robert Allen.

Mr. Robert Allen isrepparttar man behind "One Minute Millionaire" (see http://1motivation.com/millionaire). For hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, Mr. Allen is fairly considered a True Mastermind - an Influencing Mentor. 

Actually, Mr. Allen isrepparttar 117313 only "Guru" that has captured my reverence and unhindered respect. If you're looking for a plethora of creative, unique and "sure-fire" money making ideas to multiply your income, visit his apocalyptic web site.

You will find books, courses, articles, tools and real-life examples with documented results, forrepparttar 117314 "Average Joe". You will learn several "Tomahawk-like" tactics and discoverrepparttar 117315 *actual* pathway to personal success. 

If you really want to "make that chance", if you're highly-motivated to succeed you will - I truly believe you can do it, just because I reckonrepparttar 117316 game, but it doesn't have to be that harsh for "ordinary" people.

If you're wondering why I am so obliging and compassionate with you fellow promising millionaire, is simply because I want to show you how to step beyondrepparttar 117317 propaganda that holds you back from personal success. 

No matter where you're coming from, I appreciate that you devoted your precious time to read this eye-opening article - stay motivated, stay informed. 

If you haverepparttar 117318 aspiration to create your own empire you will - study whatrepparttar 117319 honest and philanthropic self-made millionaires have to teach you, and let your unrestrained desire to succeed instill an inside part of you, a part you probably never realized its' vibrations. 

George Papazoglou is the author behind: http://1motivation.com?goart

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