7 Easy-To-Do Action Steps For Attracting Hundreds Of New Subscribers And Growing Your Opt-in E-mail List

Written by Corey Rudl

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STEP #4: Ad Swap With Other Newsletters & E-zines

A great trick for increasing your subscriber base involves contacting other newsletters that relate to your target market and offering to swap ads with them.

Tellrepparttar newsletter owners that you'll promote their newsletter to your subscriber base if they'll returnrepparttar 124347 favor. This is a great way for both of you to INCREASE YOUR READERSHIP!

Subscribers will appreciaterepparttar 124348 recommendation of another source of QUALITY INFORMATION, and as long asrepparttar 124349 sites you swap with are complementary and not competitive, it's not going to hurt your business at all.

STEP #5: Promote Your Newsletter In Newsgroups, Discussion Lists, and Forum Postings

Another good place to promote your newsletter and locate targeted potential subscribers is in newsgroups, discussion lists, and forums that relate directly to your industry or niche. Simply post a brief description of your newsletter and a link to your subscription page.

STEP #6: Offer Subscribers The Opportunity To Give Gift Subscriptions

Offer or announce "gift subscriptions" in your newsletter that encourage your current subscribers to send gift subscriptions to friends.

You can automate your web site to sendrepparttar 124350 gift subscription with a little blurb stating whomrepparttar 124351 gift is from and what they will be receiving (andrepparttar 124352 opportunity to unsubscribe, of course!).

A friend of mine has built most of his mailing list doing this alone. He went from 5,000 subscribers to over 16,000 subscribers in less than a year just using this one technique.

STEP #7: Renting Opt-in E-mail Lists

Renting e-mail addresses from third-party list providers is a route that some new newsletter owners choose because you are given QUICK ACCESS to a list of hundreds, if not thousands, of people who have "opted" to receive e-mail on topics that interest them.

You can usually expect to be charged 5 to 20 cents per deliverable message, and you should expect any e-mail addresses that are "bad" or that "bounce" to be replaced by addresses that are current.

If you decide to use a service like this, it's ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that you find out howrepparttar 124353 e-mail addresses were obtained.

You want e-mail addresses that have been collected ethically and responsibly, and this means that you wantrepparttar 124354 e-mail addresses of people who:

a) are directly interested in your product, industry, or field of expertise, and b) have given their permission and "opted-in" torepparttar 124355 list.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you buy lists of e-mail addresses that have been "harvested" from newsgroups, classified ad sites, online services, etc., youíll be accused of spamming!

These people have NOT given you permission to contact them, and you can get into a LOT of trouble this way. Again, I canít overstaterepparttar 124356 importance of making sure thatrepparttar 124357 e-mail addresses you rent have been collected ethically and responsibly!

A few reputable third-party list providers who offer targeted opt-in e-mail lists are:

Postmaster Direct http://www.postmasterdirect.com YesMail http://www.yesmail.com E-Target http://www.e-target.com Targ-it http://www.targ-it.com Focalex http://www.focalex.com TargitMail http://www.targitmail.com

Buying or renting e-mail addresses this way can get very expensive, so you need to be sure that your entire sales process (i.e., your web site, your sales copy, your ordering system) has been tested and tweaked before you roll out an e-mail campaign like this in full force.

Do some tests using a few thousand addresses and you should get a fairly accurate picture of how successful you're going to be.


Ultimately, your goal should be to develop a relationship with your subscribers through quality articles in your newsletter before you even *consider* trying to sell them anything.

Give them quality information that they will benefit from in order to establish your credibility and develop a rapport with them.

Remember thatrepparttar 124358 true value lies inrepparttar 124359 RELATIONSHIP that you develop withrepparttar 124360 person who ownsrepparttar 124361 e-mail address -- not inrepparttar 124362 e-mail address itself.

It will berepparttar 124363 relationship that you develop with your subscribers that will result in big sales both now and in repparttar 124364 future -- an important point to keep in mind no matter how many new subscribers you attract.

Corey Rudl is the owner of four highly successful online businesses that attract more than 6,000,000 visitors and generate over $5.2 million each year. So if you're looking for unconventional tips, tricks, and techniques with examples that will show you the fastest, most efficient way to make money on the Internet, then I'd highly recommend visiting http://www.marketingtips.com/XXXXXX

"Confessions Of A Zine-O-Holic"

Written by Jo McNamara

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I unsubscribed torepparttar ezines that had nothing but ads. That gave merepparttar 124346 feeling that I was in control. But, my friends, we know how false that feeling is. I was still hooked onrepparttar 124347 good ones.

To make matters worse, I started earning an income working at home. I'm just minding my own business. Reading ezines; learning from ezines; applying what I'm learning. Money starts coming in. You think you have your life planned and something like this happens. I don't know what to tell you. I never saw it coming.

My friends say I've changed. I'm more self- confident; I'm happier; I'm more positive about life. They just don't understand and I can't tell them my secret.

I thought I could controlrepparttar 124348 problem by shutting down my computer. I realize now that I was just in denial. Before long I was sneaking intorepparttar 124349 office. I'd tell myself, "Just one ezine. I'll just read one." An hour later, dinner hadn't been cooked andrepparttar 124350 litter box hadn't been cleaned. I was off and running. Lost inrepparttar 124351 world of ezines. With trembling fingers, I would turn offrepparttar 124352 computer. But I knewrepparttar 124353 truth; I wanted more.

I don't know whatrepparttar 124354 answer is. Just when you think you're in control, you find another ezine to subscribe to. Even if you're particular about what you read and don't likerepparttar 124355 cheap stuff, there's always one more good ezine out there calling your name.

Well, that's my story. Thanks for letting me share. I won't tell you I'll ever be cured. The truth of repparttar 124356 matter is I don't want to be cured. I'll just have to take it one ezine at a time.

Jo McNamara lives in Orlando, FL, with 8 cats and 1 husband. To receive other articles written by Jo, mailto:articles_jomc@sendfree.com. http://www.what-works-online.net

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