"7 Dirt-Cheap Tactics To Ignite Your Online Sales!"

Written by Michael S.L Bombard

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4. Impliment a simple form of viral marketing. There's many great ebooks onrepparttar Internet that you can get free, and brand with your website's URL and contact info. This is a phenomenal way to build an opt-in email list fast, and promote your website onrepparttar 127364 backend.

My personal favorite has always beenrepparttar 127365 "TrafficVirus" edition by Jimmy D. Brown - available free at: http://www.roibot.com/w.cgi?R39995_TV3

5. Barter, trade and partner-up for profits. You could trade for traffic, ezine ads, products, services, etc. Bottom line: You can boost your sales without spending a penny more. Get creative and exciting things can happen.

6. Write your own ad copy for affiliate programs. Spend some time creating your own unique, powerful ad copy in order to "stand out fromrepparttar 127366 crowd". This will leaverepparttar 127367 other affiliates in your dust and give you a strong advantage over your competition.

7. Get an inexpensive, custom-made sticker advertisement for your vehicle's rear window. Why not? State your USP (Unique selling position) in BOLD letters with your website address below it. Think about how much driving you do sometimes, and how many people will see that sticker!

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Written by Meredith Pond

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Next, you know how much people hate paperwork. If your business requires people to provide extensive documentation or fill out lots of forms just to place an order, try drastically reducing or eliminating that paperwork altogether. If you can't do that, at least let customers fill out forms online or allow them to give yourepparttar information overrepparttar 127363 phone.

Now, everyone knows that buying products and services costs money. But if you can charge people less for your products, reduce your fees, or offer a few freebies, you're definitely making it easier on people to buy. After all, what's easier than saving money?

The bottom line? When givenrepparttar 127364 choice, people will almost always takerepparttar 127365 easier route. If you can be that route, you'll become busier than you ever dreamed you'd be.

Meredith Pond and her team of top writers help you increase profits without working harder. See Meredith's editing services, advertising packages, and free business ideas at http://CheapWriting.com Reach her at meredith@drnunley.com or 801-328-9006.

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