7 Cheap & Easy Ways To Get Prospects

Written by Mike Burstein

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4. Make a sample of your product available from your autoresponder. (i.e. If you're selling an eBook have a chapter available for free.)

5. Deliver a free informational eCourse by email through your autoresponder.

6. Create an outline of your site for visitors in a hurry to haverepparttar information emailed to them by autoresponder.

7. Run a free drawing and have visitors email their entry to your autoresponder.

The key to all of these strategies isrepparttar 127228 autoresponder. Don't fail to utilize this tool no matter what type of business you own.

Mike Burstein has been writing for the SOHO and Small Business market for over 10 years. He has helped countless small business owners solve start up problems, create best practices, automate their offices, get free publicity and dramatically increase traffic and sales.

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Embrace Rejection Every No Puts You Closer to A Yes

Written by Caterina Rando

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o Write down or review your annual and quarterly income goals. Break that down further into monthly income goals.

o Then decide how many houses, policies, hours or consulting, cars or whatever, you have to sell each month to achieve that goal.

o Decide what is your Prospect to Client Ratio, ie: on average how many people do you have to ask forrepparttar business before you get a yes. In most cases depending on your product service and industry you may have to offerrepparttar 127227 opportunity to between seven to 25 or more people before you someone actually says yes and gives you an order.

o Once you know your Prospect to Client Ratio, you can calculate how many qualified prospective clients you have to ask forrepparttar 127228 business every week to achieve your goals.

For example if you need 5 sales a week and you have to ask 25 people on average before one person agrees to buy then you have to ask 25 people 5 days a week to buy.

When you do these calculationsrepparttar 127229 number of people you must ask forrepparttar 127230 business could be up to five times greater than what you are doing currently. Do not be discouraged. Sales is like any business skill and like any muscle in your body, it takes time to develop and strengthen. If you hold steadfast to your goal and figure out how to generaterepparttar 127231 necessary number of prospects coming through your sales pipeline, eventually you will find it workable to meet withrepparttar 127232 number of prospects you need to achieve your goal.

Once you are asking enough people every week forrepparttar 127233 business,repparttar 127234 next thing to look at is how are you asking. Are you asking timidly, can your prospects hear fear in your voice or do you convey confidence and enthusiasm when you speak to your potential clients? I hope you dorepparttar 127235 latter. Even if you are making 100 sales calls a day if you are conveying anger, confusion or frustration in your voice no one will say yes. You must make your calls with enthusiasm and confidence.

The only way to meet your goals is to successfully ask forrepparttar 127236 business as often as you can. Do not worry about who says no and who says yes, if you ask enough people you will definitely get some yeses. Focus on your goal, making your predetermined number of sales. When someone turns you down do not dwell on it, that depletes your energy and your self-esteem and makes it harder to askrepparttar 127237 next time.

At one of my recent public speaking workshops a participant gave me a page from a calendar that said on it "Hurrah, I didrepparttar 127238 thing I fearedrepparttar 127239 most. Excuse me while I cheer. Now here I stand a stronger soul and all I've lost is fear. " Embrace rejection, remember every no is closer to a yes and you will gain more success for yourself and all you will have lost is fear.

Caterina Rando, MA, MCC, is a business success speaker, coach and author of the national bestseller "Learn to Power Think." She helps people attract clients and grow their businesses with ease. To find out about her programs, book and other resources, visit http://www.caterinar.com. Email her at cpr@caterinar.com.

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