Written by Judy Thompson

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1.Find out how stablerepparttar company is. Is it a new start-up venture? If so chances are it will not be around forrepparttar 139379 long haul. Remember, you only have a future if your company has a future! 2.How much time will you be able to personally devote to this business? With network marketing, not only does it take some time to recruit people into your business, but you also have a responsibility to communicate with and try to helprepparttar 139380 people who have joined you. 3.Can you believe inrepparttar 139381 products? If you truly believe in your companyís product line, people will see your enthusiasm and be more likely to join you. 4.Are you willing to make a commitment to justrepparttar 139382 one company for at least 6 months? Most successful network marketers say you should stick with it and work it hard for at least a year. Very few marketers can do justice to promoting more than one or two network marketing companies atrepparttar 139383 same time. If you spread yourself too thin, you are less likely to succeed with any of them. 5.Is itrepparttar 139384 kind of business that you could be happy telling your friends about? For example, even though my primary way of marketing is onrepparttar 139385 internet, my company has some products that have helped me so much, I just naturally want to share their benefits with my friends. 6.Is there a system in place to help you build your business? Most good companies these days do provide their distributors with workable business tools to help them market their business both locally, and onrepparttar 139386 internet. 7.If your company provides you with a good website, how will you get people to take a look at your website? Having a support system that actually will bring people to your website for you can berepparttar 139387 difference in success or failure for many of us.

If you are a person who wants to build either a part-time or full-time residual income fromrepparttar 139388 comfort of your own home, I hope you will realize that it is better to find a good company and stick with it, than to jump from opportunity to opportunity looking for that pot of gold atrepparttar 139389 end ofrepparttar 139390 rainbow. Donít be an ďMLM Junkie!Ē Work it like a business and you will certainly increase your odds for success!

Judy Thompson is a former teacher, business owner, and experienced network marketer. She promotes a nutrition company that has an automated support system. For details, go to: http://automaticbuilder.com/333015895/?source=sya305

Why You Should Write An Article, Today!

Written by Jim Boere

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The result is free, targeted visitors over a long period of time. These visitors are hot prospects, because they are already interested in your business or offer...

Now thatísrepparttar kind of traffic you want! Thatísrepparttar 139324 kind of traffic that will result in sales!

And thatís still not all you will gain from writing and publishing articles. Did you realize it will considerably improve your web sitesí search engine rankings as well?

See,repparttar 139325 search engines constantly scan (they call it "spider")repparttar 139326 Internet looking for new content to keep their listings updated. They scanrepparttar 139327 high-traffic, very popular web sites more often than sites with little traffic. As article directory sites are such high-traffic and popular sites,repparttar 139328 search engines will pick uprepparttar 139329 links to YOUR web site so much faster. Because atrepparttar 139330 bottom of each article you add a "resource box", which of course contains a link back to your web site!

Let me ask you one more question...

How many times have you been told that you need to buy some expensive software product or hire a specialized company to get your web site even submitted to those same search engines? Plenty of times, Iíll bet!

Write a new article regularly, get it published online (in as many article directories as you can), and letrepparttar 139331 search engines find YOU instead. It will happen, automatically.

By now I hope you begin to realizerepparttar 139332 huge benefits publishing online has, and what it could mean for your business.

Give it a try, you wonít regret it.

Jim Boere is the founder and owner of OnlineBizPromotion.com and publisher of the weekly online publication: "Home Business Tips Newsletter". For more articles, the newsletter archives and contact details, please visit http://www.onlinebizpromotion.com

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